5 qualities of a teacher in “To Sir, With Love” movie

To Sir With Love
Because September also means the beginning of a new academic year, the thought took me to the 1967 British film To Sir, With Love, directed by James Clavell. The action takes place in the mid-1960s in London. The main character, Mark Thackeray (Sidney Poitier) is an engineer by profession. Because he cannot find a position as an engineer, he accepts a job as a teacher in a school in a suburb of London.
Mark Thackeray’s class is made up of students who repeat the year or expelled students from other schools. They have no motivation to learn. The students come to school to have fun, fight or  do pranks. They even play a series of pranks on the new teacher: the leg of the chair breaks, a bag full of water falls next to him at the entrance to the classroom, the wastebasket catches fire, etc.
Thus, Thackeray has an undisciplined class that, through disgusting actions, tries to get the teacher to leave the school. Mark Thackeray is not intimidated. He manages to find ways and methods to approach his students. In this way, he makes them change their attitude towards school and life.

5 qualities of a good teacher

Patient. Mark Thackeray is always patient with his students. However, the teacher cannot let the students behave as they wish.
Enthusiastic. The main character in To Sir, With Love believes in people. He looks at and treats the students in his class as mature people. So, he trusts that they will mature as long as they have positive examples and are treated with respect.
Empathic. Mark Thackeray tries to approach each student in his class to understand their problems and personality.
Solid knowledge and education. The teacher from To Sir, With Love  discusses and finds answers to any problem that his students are interested in.
Disciplined and good professional. With his innovative teaching methods, Thackeray manages to motivate his students and prepare them both for exams and for life.
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