5 Psychology Hacks to Appear More Confident to People Around You


Confidence is a goal many of us are striving to achieve. However, if you know the right psychology hacks to use, you can trick people into thinking you have a lot of confidence. Over the course of time, psychology has studied the way the human psyche works and how our minds perceive things.

Studies have shown that there are many ways in which we can send signals to the people around us and induce a certain idea to them. It was also proven mimicking a certain state is the first step to achieving it. In other words, fake it ‘till you make it. Therefore, here are 5 of the best psychology hacks for confidence that you can use:

1)Make eye contact

When you are talking to someone, try to keep your eyes focused on them. Allowing your eyes to wander around is a sign of intimidation. Therefore, focus on maintaining eye contact and you will definitely strike people as a confident person with high self-esteem. Moreover, they say eyes are the mirrors of the soul, so eye contact also ensures trust and honesty.

2)Speak loud and clear

Make sure to voice your opinions loud and clear. This gives the impression that you are very confident in what you’re saying. Take time in expressing your thoughts and don’t rush. When you speak too quickly, you tend to appear nervous or anxious.

3)Keep your back straight

The posture of your body is also very important. When you push your shoulders back and your chest forward, it gives off confidence. You seem confident and ready to confront anyone. Therefore, next time you prepare to hold a speech or simply talk to someone, stand straight. You will definitely make a good impression.

4)Make scenarios in your head

Sometimes, when you know the specific social situation you are going to be in, think about what you want to say ahead of time. Imagine the situation in your head and start making sentences aloud. Hearing yourself speak improves your confidence a lot. Moreover, this will make you feel prepared and sure of yourself in the future.

5)Don’t fidget

When you try to appear more confident when speaking in public, fidgeting is not a good idea. You might be tempted to do it involuntarily, but try to stop yourself. Fidgeting gives away anxiety and stress. Therefore, if you want to appear confident, keep your hands upfront and active while speaking. Hand gestures are very helpful in sending a clear message. If you want to read more about controlling emotions, check out our article on self-control here.

Hopefully, these psychology hacks will prove efficient. If you want to find out more, check out another article on this topic here.


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