Bird-Feeding: 5 Amazing Products From Amazon For Bird-Feeding Month


Ever heard of Bird-Feeding Month? Now you do! There’s a special day for our lovely birds to celebrate. And how can we celebrate if there’s no food? That’s why I came up with a delicious list for them. If you worry that you can’t feed them, there’s actually a study that explains the behavior of birds. It seems like they are willing to come close to people more in urban environments. But you can also build some special places for them to have food in.

Birds need to be protected and taken care of. “Beyond the sheer joy they provide, birds play a vital role in the environment, pollinating plants, dispersing seeds, controlling insects, and removing rotting flesh,” says JONATHAN FRANZEN in a National Geographic magazine article. A lot of species are going extinct, and we aren’t even aware of their existence. so this month, and the next ones, be the one that makes a difference and try feeding more birds.

Bird-Feeding Month is celebrating feeding birds since 1994. The reason February is the month chosen is that it’s one of the coldest periods in America. Remember that only last year there were 225 species critically endangered, 461 endangered and 800 vulnerable.

Meal Worms Bulk

                $48.22 FROM AMAZON                

“High in protein, non-GMO (it’s a not genetically modified organism provider), no preservatives, additives, and they are dust-free. The mealworms are easy and environment friendly, so it’s a win-win. This package is perfect even for feeding fish, hedgehogs, or turtles.”


Hanging Bird Feeder 

                $27.99 FROM AMAZON                

“If you have food, you surely need something to put it on. This hanging feeder is perfect for placing it outside, and it also protects the food from getting wet. It can feed 4 birds at the same time, it’s made from copper, and it’s very easy to refill and clean!”


Feeding Station

                $38.99FROM AMAZON                

“If you want to go the extra mile, I got you! This feeder is multifunctional: it has a feeder pole with a ground stake, additional hanging hooks, a suet cage, a bird feeder, a plastic water bowl, and a metal wire bowl. It’s perfect for the whole meal.”


Dove and quail food

                $27.93 FROM AMAZON                

“The Wild Delight package will provide the best food for doves and quails. The duality of the food, both for inside and outside species, can be the perfect meal for your farm.”


Wild bird food

                $22.96 FROM AMAZON                

“Perfect for almost any type of outside bird. The package consists of a mixture of seeds, grains, nuts, and fruits. With almost 8 pounds be sure you’ll get to feed a lot of species!”



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