5 popular songs that became memes over the years

There is no person who uses social media frequently and has never heard of these songs at least once. This is a top 5 list with some of the most recognizable songs that became famous memes over social media and the story behind each one of them.

1. “The Sound of Silence” – Simon & Garfunkel

We’re going to start the list with one of my favorites, “The Sound of Silence”. The song was released in 1964 by the American duo Simon and Garfunkel in a debut album. In 2013, the song was used in the fourth season of the Netflix series, Arrested Development. The opening lyric “Hello Darkness, My Old Friend” played in the background during several scenes for a “dramatic effect”.

2. Darude – “Sandstorm”

Of course, who could forget this song? In 1999, a Finnish DJ called Darude released a techno song that became a hit pretty quickly. It appeared as background music in many TV Shows, events, and in YouTube and Twitch gaming streams. Since many viewers were often asking the name of the song, “Darude – Sandstorm” became an answer to any question asking for the name of a song.

3. “Bring Me to Life” – Evanescence

In 2003, an American rock band called Evanescence released the song for their debut album. Years later, at the beginning of 2014, the song became a popular meme after a 4chan user posted two cropped pictures of a skeleton rocking chair from Tumblr and named them “WAKE ME UP INSIDE.PNG” and “(CAN’T WAKE UP).PNG”.

4. “Never Gonna Give You Up” – Rick Astley

There is no ‘top 5 list of songs that became memes’ without “Rickroll”. The song appeared on Astley’s debut album in 1987 and it had a huge success on many international charts, but no one was ready for the fame it was going to gain years later. In 2006, it became a bait-and-switch trick known as “Duckrolling” on 4chan, a trick that used a disguised hyperlink leading to the music video.

In 2008, the song gained even more attention when YouTube used the same prank on April Fool’s Day and since then, it was known as “Rickroll” or “Rickrolling”.

5. Bag Raiders – “Shooting Stars”

Last but not least on the list is another favorite, “Shooting Stars”, a song released in 2009 by an Australian duo called Bag Raiders. The song started to gain more fame in 2017 when it became a popular meme of the time. The trend started with a video uploaded on YouTube, showing an overweight man diving. After that, the song became part of numerous video edits of people falling through space.


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