5 Places in Australia You Need to See


Australia is such a massive and diverse country with extraordinary landscapes, from beautiful beaches to national parks. It’s impossible to see everything in just one trip to Australia. However, by visiting at least a few of these amazing places to visit, you’ll experience some of the best the Land Down Under has to offer. There are the beach towns Australia is known for, but then there are the wild green islands, the rugged national parks full of secret swimming holes, the big cities brimming with culture and great food… we could go on forever.

1. Adelaide


In the city itself, there are over 100 pubs, lots of hip bars and watering holes, along with highly acclaimed fine dining eateries that exist right alongside food trucks. You’ll also appreciate the mix of modern and historic architecture, many of which sit alongside the banks of Elder Park next to the famous Adelaide Festival Center. It hosts world-class theater and musical performances. All of that and beach lovers will discover some of the country’s best-kept secrets, like Henley Beach, with its pristine sands and lovely old wooden jetty.

2. Melbourne


All the stereotypes about Melbourne are true: everyone wears black, everyone is coffee obsessed, and there are far too many rooftop bars for a city with such temperamental weather. But the best thing about Melbourne is that it’s full of secrets to discover. Whether it’s a hidden laneway bar, a ten-story shopping adventure, or an underground theatre space, most things worth visiting are within easy reach (and cheap as chips to get to, thanks to the city-wide free tram zone).

3. Uluru


The landscapes are simply spectacular in Australia’s red center, especially when you’re marveling at the great sandstone monolith that is Uluru. You can fly directly there from Sydney, Darwin, or Cairns, with the airport located only a few kilometers north of Uluru itself. When you get a glimpse of it IRL, it’s easy to understand how Uluru became such an important symbol of local Indigenous culture and Australian culture as a whole. Walking around the base and admiring it from afar, as you observe the different colors it turns as the sunlight hits it, is still a humbling experience.

4. Sapphire Coast

Sapphire Coast

Located nearly 500 kilometers from central Sydney on New South Wales’ south-eastern border, this quiet corner of the state on the edge of Green Cape is something of a hidden gem, off the radar of mass tourism. In part, this is because it’s not the easiest place to reach; only the minute regional airport at Merimbula offers a faster alternative to driving here.

It’s a place of other-worldly crimson cliffs, dramatic waves, and vibrant, shifting landscapes. Expect succulent seafood caught off the docks at Eden, cheeses galore from Bega and Tilba’s famous dairies, beef and lamb reared on the grassy slopes near Pambula, and the regions most popular export, succulent Sydney rock oysters reared in some of the most fertile estuaries anywhere in the country.

5. Sydney


Everyone knows Sydney packs a punch when it comes to spectacular views and thrilling activities. It’s a rather pretty city too, with architecturally beautiful buildings. Including two of the most iconic structures in the world, the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge – and sparkling harbors interrupted only by island sanctuaries. If you’re coming for the beautiful beaches, we recommend sticking around for the restaurants, the culture, and the good vibes. Sydney is all that and more – especially if you like getting a little active in your free time.

If you could magically conjure up a place that’s ideal for travel adventures, it would be hard to imagine anything better than what the world already has: Australia.

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