Learning Japanese: 5 amazing online resources

online resources for learning Japanese

I have been studying this language for over a year now and during that time I found a lot of online resources for learning Japanese. These have been very useful to me, since even a degree in this language can’t seem to cover the complexity and beauty of Japanese.

Thus, today I will be presenting you with five online resources for learning Japanese that I use.

Organic Japanese with Cure Dolly

To this day, I still consider this YouTube channel my Holy Grail when it comes to Japanese grammar explanations. The explanations are pretty easy to understand, and the analogies are good. She tackles subjects like particles, kanji, verbs, and so on. As her video titles claim, she usually covers things that you are usually not told in Japanese classes, mostly due to the lack of time.

Japanese Ammo with Misa

Similar to Cure Dolly, Misa makes YouTube videos about grammar, kanji, pitch accent and vocabulary. I personally really enjoyed and benefited from her video on pitch accent. From what I have seen, she has a playlist for absolute beginners that seems to have some very basic grammar notions that will help someone who already knows hiragana and katakana go to the next step of this learning process. I consider her videos to be some of the best online resources for learning Japanese.



This little site is extremely helpful if you want to check your pitch accent. You insert a sentence in, and then you get a little voice clip and a transcription that shows you how the pitch changes in the sentence. Nailing the pitch in Japanese is one of the struggles that many people face in their study of Japanese, so paying it extra attention in the beginning can only be beneficial.



I love Anki because it’s useful not only when you want to start learning Japanese, but virtually anything! It works just like real life flashcards, and it’s really useful if you want to up your kanji and vocabulary game.


Nihongo con Teppei

This podcast is amazing if you want to get in some listening practice (that’s not from anime). What I like about this podcast is that there is one geared towards beginners and another one that’s geared towards students at a more advanced level. Teppei, the host of this podcast usually talks about day-to-day activities, and this way you can get a glimpse into the life of Japanese people as well.

I found these online resources for learning Japanese very useful in my study, and I hope you will too. We have many other articles on language learning, and I hope you will check them out as well. Ganbatte!


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