5 of the greatest Disney villains’ songs


Disney villains’ songs can be just as awesome as heroes’ songs, or even better. Lately, there has been a thing on the Internet about “Disney adults”. This term is supposed to make fun of adults who are still into Disney, because for some reason now is “cringey” to still love things from your childhood. Now you may feel that I am a little bit salty about this concept because I myself am a Disney adult. And you know what? I am not ashamed of embracing the things that brought me joy in my childhood. And you shouldn’t be either. People on the Internet will always like to hate others’ passions just because.

And with that being said here are 5 of my favourite Disney villains’ songs that are even better than the heroes’ songs. Obviously, as a kid, you’re supposed to hate the Disney villains in the movies, but even when I was younger I couldn’t deny that some villains had banging songs.

  1. Ursula – Poor Unfortunate Souls (The Little Mermaid)

Ok, listen up. I have a problem with Ursula being portrayed as the villain in this movie. And her villain song does not make me hate her. I am sorry but if you actually listen to the lyrics you’ll understand that she is trying to tell Ariel that she is leaving her family forever to be with a man that won’t even be interested in listening to her or talking to her? What’s so evil about that? It is pure truth! Now moving on from my rant about Ursula being one of the Disney villains, the song is so catchy and well-performed that you can’t help but start prancing in your room singing to an imaginary Ariel about your magical powers.

  1. Doctor Facilier – Friends on the Other Side (Princess and the Frog)

I admit Doctor Facilier is clearly the villain in this movie. In a way, he does warn Prince Naveen about the fact that he sees “green” in his future. Now the fact that Naveen interpreted that as money and not as well… being transformed into a frog is another story. Putting that aside Doctor Facilier’s song is so enticing and catchy that I would have probably made a deal with him too after that incredible performance.

  1. Scar – Be Prepared (The Lion King)

So, confession time. I love Scar. He is my all-time favourite Disney villain. Obviously, as a kid, he scared me. But as I grew up I realized that because he actually scared me as a kid meant that he was one of the best Disney villains. He is by far the most intelligent villain in Disney history and of course that his song is equally as grandiose as his whole personality. He is witty, sarcastic and extremely smart, and I mean yeah, he wanted to kind of kill his brother but nobody’s perfect. I’m just joking of course. Ok now here is Scar’s epic song. Enjoy!

  1. Gaston – Gaston (Beauty and The Beast)

Obviously, Gaston is the exact opposite of the witty, smart Disney villains that I just presented, but his song is still very catchy and funny. When compared to the other Disney villains Gaston actually seems ok. Now he was still a heartless, egotistic human and he didn’t quite have the necessary wit to actually be a lovable villain. Still, his song, in which he sings about… himself, of course, is a total bop.

  1. Claude Frollo – Hellfire (The Hunchback Of Notre Dame)

I left this one for last because it actually still scares me as an adult. This song is by far the scariest one on this list and I think in all Disney history. The message of the song is actually pretty problematic and it sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it. I actually don’t know what else to say about it except that is still one of the best Dinsey villains’ songs out there as it actually portrays the awful thoughts of the villain in an iconic song that stays in your memory forever.


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