5 nu metal bands you probably forgot about or don’t really remember

Even if you weren’t a person who liked nu metal, it’s inevitable that you have heard of at least one band from this list. Well, you may think for some of these bands “Who are these guys?”, but for others, this list may trigger some memories you forgot you even had. In order to make this list, I went through my old playlists. To be honest with you, I really forgot about some of them. Although there are nu metal bands like Korn and Limp Bizkit that still ring a bell and that are still relevant, there are also some of them that went kind of south. So, with that in mind, let this list of nu metal bands invade you with old memories from those years, when life was simpler and we weren’t going through a pandemic.

1. Crazy Town

Most of us might remember this nu metal band as the ones that played the 2000 iconic song Butterfly. And, if you think of it, that’s pretty much it about them. This song is their most successful one and they tried to top its success, but they failed at it, which caused them to disband. But, sadly, the lead singer of this band, Shifty Shellshock, has got in trouble with the law and appeared on Celebrity Rehab and Sober House.

2. Adema

If you ask me, I think that one of the key reasons why these guys were popular back in the day was the fact that the lead vocalist Mark Chavez is the half brother of Jonathan Davis, the vocalist of Korn. Moreover, if you look them up, you’ll see that they had many, many conflicts and a looooot of lineup changes. Well, that’s true. This is one of the songs I used to like when I was younger, so feel free to listen, if you want. I’ll admit, I liked them, but I liked Korn better.

3. Taproot

To be honest with you, I went through an old playlist and I completely forgot about them! What a shame. But it’s sad that they never really had the success they deserved. I remember liking them because they were different from the bands I listened to. They were heavy and melodic at the same time, which was a very interesting combination. They were “emo”, before being “emo” was even a thing. I think they’re also well known for the conflict they had with the Limp Bizkit vocalist, Fred Durst after not signing with Interscope Records and signing elsewhere. But, to think a bit of what they were, here’s their most popular and well-known song:

4. (hed) p.e.

While I used to like some of their older songs, such as Bartender or Blackout because of their instrumentals and beats, I don’t think it’s the case with their new stuff. They changed their style completely, to the point where you don’t recognize them anymore. I understand that a style change is necessary here and there, but in their case it was a complete downgrade. I’m talking about the 2019 album Stampede!. But in August of this year, they released Class of 2020, which kind of “solved it all”, as they tried to return to their original sound. I hope this works well for them, because I miss their original sound.

5. Alien Ant Farm

This band is best known for their cover of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal, which topped the charts in 2001. It was even featured in the film American Pie 2! I think that nothing else could top this cover’s success. They were really huge in the 2000s, but afterwards, they toured sporadically and they released their latest album, Always and Forever in 2015.

There are many bands I could’ve talked about, but I chose these ones because not only were they extremely successful back in the day, but also because I thought that they had a lot of potential they could’ve taken advantage of. But, that’s how life is. Who knows? Maybe nu metal will make a comeback and so will they.


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