5 nostalgic Disney Channel Shows that were really popular

5 nostalgic Disney Channel Shows that were really popular
I was wondering what happened to my favourite channel from my childhood, Disney Channel, and I’ve decided to watch it to see if the new series and animations are still as good as the old ones. But I’ll be honest, these new shows don’t compare to some masterpieces that I’ve seen when I was a child.

I would love to rewatch those series, they were really funny and each episode was made to entertain everyone. It’s a bit sad that nowadays children don’t have the opportunity to watch these old shows on TV and they had to search for them on the internet. But, fortunately, these shows are still alive, they can still make you laugh and if you rewatch them you can feel those nostalgic moments when you enjoyed them for the first time.

So here is a list of 5 Disney Channel Shows which I loved and which were also really popular and will bring you great memories from your childhood:

1. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

5 nostalgic Disney Channel Shows that were really popular

I really liked this show, with those blond little twins who were trying to have fun while destroying the hotel and annoying the people there, including the hotel manager.

Every episode was full of comedy and I was so happy to see that they still continuing the series, but this time outside of the hotel. The Suite Life On Deck stars the same twin brothers, where they are slightly older, but their behaviour is still the same. They even made a movie based on this series.

Unfortunately, they grew up and they had to end the show, but I’m really happy and proud of them because I still see them acting in other movies and TV series, which are more suitable for their age. But I will never forget their first characters, from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

2. Sonny with a Chance

5 nostalgic Disney Channel Shows that were really popular

Another comedy show that I was so excited to watch when I was young, is Sonny with a Chance. I was always ready to watch each new episode that came on the channel. This series talks about a girl who became a star in Hollywood after getting a chance to receive an important role in her favourite TV show.

I really enjoyed the jokes that were made here, with all those actors who made a lot of weird things in their free time. I still remember the little smart girl, who had a very wild imagination and had so many interesting ideas and creations. It was my favourite character from this show.

The show had so many episodes, but the same problem happened: the actors grew up and they couldn’t continue the series so they had to end it, but I was really ok with this since they gave so many amazing moments and scenes and so much funny content.

3. A.N.T. Farm

5 nostalgic Disney Channel Shows that were really popular

Another comedy show that impressed me was A.N.T. Farm, a show that described the life of some little genies, each of them with a special talent. These high-schoolers have so many funny interactions with other people, in order to show their abilities and become some known and important persons in their lives.

The character that really fascinated me was the blonde girl, who was able to memorize everything that she saw, heard or read. A weird talent, but something that I was pretty jealous of because I wanted to be as smart as her and have this ability to learn fast. I think everyone who saw the series wanted it.

The show had some great seasons and it was pretty good, but it cancelled a bit too soon, or it’s just my opinion because I don’t remember so many episodes from it. All in all, I would love to rewatch some of my favourite parts from this show.

4. Wizards of Waverly Place

5 nostalgic Disney Channel Shows that were really popular

Wizards of Waverly Place was a TV show that made me curious about it after some episodes and became one of my favourite ones. A family of wizards that have to face different magical adventures while running a restaurant in the human world. Firstly, I didn’t like the idea, but I’ve tried to watch some episodes and I’ve realized that they aren’t actually that bad.

When I remember the protagonist of this show, which I really liked for her dark humour and her lazy attitude, I came to the conclusion that she seemed more like the opposite of a hero, but this was the whole charm of the series. I think that’s why many people enjoy the episodes, but I didn’t realize it until now.

This show had also a special movie and many seasons, but with time, the show ended, the protagonist now becoming a successful singer, which everyone knows her as Selena Gomez.

5. Shake It Up

5 nostalgic Disney Channel Shows that were really popular

It was the first show that I’ve watched since I’ve discovered Disney Channel. And is also one of my favourite ones.

Shake It Up is about two best friends who fulfill their dreams of becoming famous dancers, with some help from other friends and going through many adventures together. I still remember how I’ve waited in front of the TV, on Disney Channel, to watch these episodes. The first reason I became a fan of this show was the fact that it was about dancing, a hobby which I was obsessed with when I was little.

The seasons were pretty long, but after a while, I haven’t heard anything about this show. I’m pretty impressed to see one of the actresses playing in different movies and series, but I have no idea about the other one, how’s she doing or if she continued this career of acting. But all in all, they succeed to make my childhood a better one with this show.


I’m really looking forward to rewatching these Disney Channel Shows and maybe you will want it too. And I think I will make a part 2 because there are so many other TV Shows from this channel, which I’ve loved, but I couldn’t include them in this list.


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