5 Netflix documentaries worth watching

Five Netflix documentaries worth watching
Now that winter is here, we have plenty of time to do indoor activities. If you love watching Netflix TV shows, there is a great opportunity to watch some interesting documentaries. Here are top five Netflix documentaries worth watching that will offer you a different perspective on life.


One strange rock is an 8-episode series presenting how amazing our Planet could be. It is the story of Planet Earth seen from the outside, through the eyes of 8 astronauts. It’s a mind-blowing experience of wonder and curiosity. This series is trying to respond to many existential questions like how is life possible here and why?


James Balog, a nature photographer came out with the idea of showing the world the impact of human beings on planet Earth. Balog was initially skeptical about climate change, but after a trip to the North, he realized that people are not aware of how serious environmental problems are.
He organizes a team, with the main focus to capture images from Iceland, Greenland, and Alaska. They came up with an idea to assemble cameras that will take time-lapse pictures in certain periods of time. Even though the plan almost failed in the beginning, since the harsh temperatures almost destroyed some cameras, they did not give up. They managed to collect impressive data, giving us a 75-minute documentary worth watching.


Yes, there are lots of documentaries about nature and animals. But this one is a little bit different. Our Planet is an 8-episode series that is not only showing us spectacular images from our Planet but is also presenting how much humans influenced biodiversity. Climate change is a real problem for all the lives on Earth. Animals are the most affected since their habitats are now threatened by our chaotic lifestyle.


More and more people are trying to give up meat because it’s becoming real harm to the environment. The Game Changers is a documentary that presents the life of several athletes who consume plant-based products. It analyses scientific studies and highlights several points that prove a vegan diet is better for the human body.


Genetic engineering is a debated topic in our society. Unnatural Selection is a documentary series that provides insight into genetic engineering and, in particular, CRISPR’s DNA editing technology from the perspective of scientists, companies, and biohackers who work for them. Science can solve many problems, but who decides what’s ethical or not?





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