5 movies that will mark your life and stay with you forever


As time goes by, you realize that while you watch a movie, you don’t just see some pictures in motion, but that you relate to what’s happening in the movie, that it affects you emotionally and that it can mark you for life and stay in your mind and heart forever. Below, I’ve compiled a shortlist of 5 movies that marked my life, and that, certainly, will mark your life too:

1. White Snake (2019) – Original Title- Bai She: Yuan Ki

I cannot put into words the beauty of this movie and how moving it was. The story follows Blanca, a white snake-demon girl, who lost her memory, and Xuan, a snake catcher, who helps her remember who she is. They both embark on a journey, full of obstacles and evil people who want them separated, to help Blanca remember her past.

In their journey, they fall in love, but him being a human and her a snake-demon makes it impossible for them to be together. He, then, makes the supreme sacrifice and goes to a magical workshop to be turned into a demon, so that he can be with her. The end is heartbreaking and it will surely steal you some tears as for me it did. Even the stone-hearted ones will tear up a bit.

Besides, the imagery is breathtaking. I was first captivated by the beauty of the landscapes and then by the story and the moving end. I could watch this movie countless times and I would still cry and be fascinated by it.  This deserves by far the first place in movies that will mark your life.

Here’s the trailer:

2. Me before You (2016)

5 movies that will mark your life
Source: imdb.com

Another tear-jerker movie. If the first won’t make you tear up, this will surely make you bawl your eyes, I guarantee you.

Inspired from Jojo Moyes’s bestseller with the same name, the movie follows Lou’s story, a young girl from a small town, lacking in perspectives, and Will, a successful man tied to a wheelchair after he suffered a car accident. Will feels that he doesn’t have anything to live for anymore until he employs Lou as his caregiver. To prove to him that life is worth living, Lou helps him find the joy in life again and they go on a beautiful journey together which will have a sad end. Here’s the trailer. This movie will stay with you forever.

3. The Fault in Our Stars (2014)

5 movies that will mark your life
Source: Wikipedia

I’m sure everyone heard about it or at least read the book. How many of you cried when you read the book? Now, imagine watching the movie. Let me tell you what my big mistake was: I watched this after just watching the one above, don’t do the same mistake as me!

The synopsis is the following: Although a miraculous medicine extended her life, Hazel Grace Lancaster, 16 years old, has the impression that ever since she was born, she was in the “terminal stage” of cancer. But when the charming Augustus Waters, suffering from the same cruel disease, comes to one of the support group’s meetings where Hazel also goes, the girl’s story will be completely rewritten. Kindred spirits, sharing the same charm and the same type of humor, Hazel and Gus begin a race against time in which they learn what it means to love.

I guess you know how it ends, so there’s no need for me to tell you. In case you haven’t seen it yet, prepare a lot of tissues, or more like preparing yourself emotionally.

The last 2 are pretty similar and maybe unknown to the public, so I’ll just put the summary to them:

4. Midnight Sun (2018)

midnight sun

Based on Japanese production, Midnight Sun is the story of Katie, a 17-year-old teenage girl forced to live in her house since she was little due to a very rare disease which puts her in danger of death to the shortest exposure to the sun’s light. Fate intervenes when the girl meets Charlie, with whom she lives a beautiful summer romance. Unfortunately for her, Charlie, and her family, this has to come to a tragic end. Now, tell me this movie won’t open your eyes and mark your life because for me it did.

5. Everything, Everything (2017)

everything, everything
Source: Wikipedia

“Everything, Everything” is the film adaptation of Nicola Yoon’s bestseller with the same name and tells the love story of 2 teenagers, played by Amanda Stendberg and Nick Robinson.

Maddy, a young, smart, curious, and imaginative girl of 18 years old, suffers from a disease that doesn’t allow her to leave the protected, air-tight space of her house. Her world is in black and white- rules are rules, there’s no room for exceptions. And until now, the young girl never broke the rules. Her blank world, with no shades of grey, can be seen even in her choice of wearing almost only a color: white.

Ollie is the neighborhood kid who doesn’t let this thing separate them. Seeing each other only through windows and talking only through texts, Maddy and Ollie create a strong bond, which makes them risk everything so that they can be together. First love was never so emotional and so captivating.

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