5 Misconceptions About Pit Bulls You Should Stop Believing

misconceptions about pit bulls

There are a bunch of misconceptions about Pit Bulls. Sometimes, people seem to be obsessed with watching videos on YouTube with aggressive Pit Bulls and so on and these dogs are really stigmatized. They are perceived as these ‘blood-starved beasts’ when actually they are really chill. I laugh every single time when someone calls my dog ‘a fighting dog’ because I know that I have a really sensitive dog that was abused by his former owner. I know I have a good dog that deserves all the best and this dog will never be aggressive. I trust him.

5 Misconceptions About Pit Bulls You Should Stop Believing

5 misconceptions about Pit Bulls you should stop believing 

1. Pit Bulls have a bad temperament

While many assume Pit Bulls are bad tempered, they’re among the most tolerant dogs, scoring better on temperament tests than the general dog population, according to studies by the American Temperament Test Society. Pit Bulls are not inherently aggressive because they are ‘fighting dogs’ because first things first, that wasn’t their only purpose — they were also used to hunt mice and nowadays they are use to find disaster victims. It all depends on their education and background. It’s really important to train your dog. Even a Bichon can be aggressive. Thus, it is not about the breed. Pit Bulls are not the vicious beasts that you keep hearing about, believe me.

2. Pit Bulls are easier to train

If you want to have a Pit Bull and that is your first dog… well, consider a couple of things. Owning a Pit Bull as a puppy has its advantages but it doesn’t guarantee it can be easily trained. They are extremely smart, but also extremely stubborn. That doesn’t mean that they are bad dogs. I just want to say that you should have some experience. Pit Bulls, as a group, are intelligent dogs, soft to their owners and relatively easy to train as they are eager to please their owners, but keep in mind that they are really independent too. Obviously, training a puppy will be easier than training an adult dog that already has his own habits.

3. Pit Bulls make bad family pets

This is one of the most spread misconceptions about Pit Bulls. Pit bulls may not seem like the ideal family-friendly dog at first glance. However, they “have long been popular family pets, noted for their gentleness, affection and loyalty,” notes the ASPCA. Just before the American Civil War, the American Pit Bull Terrier soon became a household fixture, responsible for herding cattle and sheep as well as guarding livestock and families against thieves and wild animals, according to the Love-A-Bull charity. 

4. Pit Bulls can lock their jaws and have the strongest bites

No dog breed has the ability to ‘lock’ its jaw. The strength of a dog’s bite is directly correlated to their size, so naturally larger dogs bite harder. A Pit Bull’s bite is actually weaker than the English Mastiff’s or the Rottweiler’s. This seems to be one of the most favourite people’s misconceptions about Pit Bulls and I got why — it sounds like a conspiracy theory. Calm down, Pit Bulls don’t ‘go crazy’, they are not gonna kill your family, they don’t ‘lock their jaws’ or whatever other bulls**t you may think. I’ve always said that if you are empathetic you can understand anything.

5. Pit Bulls are not adoptable

It is not their fault that they have a bad reputation and they’re unlucky to be muscular dogs and seem aggressive because of their strong cheeks — that are actually very adorable. One of the most famous misconceptions about Pit Bulls, that made a lot of people think that Pit Bulls don’t deserve a place to call home. But I am here to tell you that they deserve to be loved and appreciated because they have hella potential. Please, stop treating them like serial killers. As long as you don’t know a dog’s personality, there is no reason why you should be so desperate.



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