5 mesmerizing bookstagram accounts to follow NOW


Bookstagram is probably one of the most mesmerizing and welcoming community you can find online. Every single author and reader is welcomed to join, and the growth of your profile will bring along countless friends and opportunities to discover amazing book recommendations.

I have been on Bookstagram for over 8 months and I have grown my account so much over the course of time. And while I do admit that the interactions with my newfound friends as well as the book recs are an amazing facts, my favorite part about the Bookstagram community is the AESTHETIC.

What does it mean to have a great aesthetic on Bookstagram

Having a great aesthetic on Bookstagram is all about your feed looking gorgeous when someone sets their eyes for the first time on it. It is about emanating a certain mood, a feeling, something that makes other people want to see more of. It is about seducing your audience with the very beauty of it. Sure, there will always be challenges to keep on making amazing content while battling lacks of inspiration, as well as having to stay unique in an overwhelming amount of everyday posting, but I think at the end of the day, it is always worth it. Because it is fulfilling for your very soul.

I have been juggling around with different feed themes without finally finding my aesthetic, but when I did, it felt like coming home. And along my journey, I have found numerous accounts that kept me motivated and inspired to keep continuing my journey.

Bookstagram accounts that keep you inspired with their astonishing beauty

Because hedonistic pleasures should never be denied, I have compiled a list of 5 Bookstagram account if you are in search of more artistic beauty to fulfill your current life. They could also be an amazing inspiration if you are looking for having your own Bookstagram page, as well as finding new ideas to step up your game with your current one.

  1. @Introverts_libraryBooksatgramWhen I think of a beautiful and motivating feed, I always think of Dagmara’s. She simply has a way of taking pictures that makes me think of a Spring day in full bloom, crowned with the most sublime flowers out there. Not only she is so inspiring, but I find all of her pictures to be simply a breath of fresh air. I always feel happy looking at her posts, they are like an oasis of pure joy and silence. It feels like the whole world has become more beautiful now that she has decided to share her artistic view with us.Bookstagram
  2. @tbrunlimitedBookstagramIf there was only one word to describe @tbrunlimited’s feed, I would surely choose cozy. Visiting her profile feels a lot like coming home to me, a place where books and nature beauty is endless, and there is always hope for a better tomorrow. All of her posts are inspiring and motivating, and I find myself always looking for ways to enhance my profile by visiting hers. Simply an amazing example of how a heartwarming aesthetic turns into a magical Bookstagram feed.
    Bookstagram3. @acourtofwinterdreamsBookstagram

Andrea’s feed feels a lot like falling down the rabbit hole and finding Wonderland. When I truly want a feed to inspire me to take better pictures and use better props, I always go to hers. Every single one of her posts is a whole world of beauty and wonder. It feels like she took the concept of whimsical to a whole another level with her gorgeous take at capturing the beauty of Fantasy books in only one frame. When visiting her feed, I no longer have to wonder if beauty is real. I know it is.




From all the Bookstagram accounts I know, surely this one gives the most royal vibes. Full of crowns and majestic objects, visiting this feed feels a lot like walking through a royal garden, always waiting for the Queen to make an appearance. I always visit her channel when I want to feel like a princess walking through her library, and I am sure anyone else would get exactly the same feeling.




Elyanah’s feed is the perfect dark academia feed, with her amazing take of being a reader in a world full of dark magic and wonder. I always visit her profile when I want to feel a wave a beauty passing my way, as well as getting new ideas of frames and props to enhance my artistic view. As a fellow Slytherin sister, I know very well that I will find exactly what I am looking for when taking a stroll to this magical profile that makes me feel wonderstruck just at the thought of.5 mesmerizing bookstagram accounts to follow NOW

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