5 interesting booktubers to watch


As most bookworms do, I had a phase where I would watch booktubers a lot. That coincided with my YA phase, to no one’s surprise. I forgot about most of those booktubers, and I even stopped interacting with that community as a whole since, at some point, I just felt that the content was pretty stale.

However, I still have some booktubers who make content that never fails to keep me entertained.

Divya G

She is an OG in my books. I have been watching Divya since I was in my first year of high school, and she still is a booktuber I follow on multiple platforms. I love her chill vibe and easygoing nature, as much as I love her deadpan jokes. She doesn’t make videos only on books and writing, but also about design and vlog-ish content about her life.

Krimson Rogue

Unlike Divya G, Krimson Rogue is a booktuber that seems to be all rage. Don’t worry! He is never actually furious, as much as he is overreacting for comedic purposes. He has an interesting series about book adaptations, which is pretty interesting in its own right. But I usually watch him for his long rants about bad books. I especially like his comments on Onision’s books, but every time he posts something about a bad book, and it has over an hour, his watchers know they are in for a ride.

Strange Aeons

Although she isn’t exactly like other booktubers, as she usually makes videos about Tumblr niches, LGBT and long Furbies, Strange Aeons has multiple videos on books, and they are all very interesting and eccentric. One week you might get a review of the book “Satan Was A Lesbian”, the other one, you might get a video about Bible reviews on Goodreads. Chances are that you will always have something interesting to watch if you decide to take a look at her channel.

With Cindy

With Cindy is a pretty new addition to my list of booktubers, yet she happens to be one that I binged the most. She makes content about TV series, traveling and movies, but I really love her book reviews, as well. Cindy is a very enjoyable person to watch, especially since she is very honest in her reviews and insanely funny. She delivers great jokes in a deadpan tone and is overall a joy to watch. I particularly love her video series on Sarah J. Maas’s books, but she has great ones about other books as well, such as “The Wives”.

Dominic Noble

Dominic Noble usually makes videos about book adaptations and unusual books, kind of like Krimson Rogue. What I really like about his videos is that they are always well researched, yet this booktuber strikes a great balance between being informative and entertaining. I really liked the direction he took in his video about “The Charmed Wife”, a book written by Olga Grushin. The video is structured as a dialogue between two people with different views on the book, from which both sides learn something interesting about society and women’s role in it.

I hope my  recommendations will keep you entertained for some time and that you have found some new interesting booktubers to enjoy. We have even more articles about YouTube, if you’re curious.


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