5 Beautiful Wes Anderson Movies

wes anderson

We sometimes underestimate how much of an impact a movie’s aesthetic can have on us. Of course, beauty is very subjective, but I personally believe Wes Anderson movies are some of the most mind-blowing beauties you will ever watch. If you don’t believe me, here’s a list of 5 incredibly beautiful Wes Anderson movies.


1) The Grand Budapest Hotel

wes anderson

The concierge of a very luxurious hotel Monsieur Gustave H. is wrongfully framed for the murder of a wealthy widow. He befriends the lobby boy, and together they go on a quest to try and prove his innocence.

Although quite funny and light-hearted in essence, the movie’s temporal frame is set during the rising to power of the fascist regime, which becomes more and more evident by the end of the movie. Even though it’s set in the fictional country of Zubrowka, the story itself is very reality-based.

However, one of the most incredible aspects of this film is (obviously) the visual. A world that is so fairy-tale like that it leaves you breathless.


2) Moonrise Kingdom

wes anderson

Forget Romeo and Juliette, this story is much less tragic, and therefore much more wholesome.

Sam and Suzy are 12 years old, yet madly in love with each other. So in love in fact that they decide to run away together to a secluded island. And since no one has any idea where they could have gone, the entire town decides to help find the children.

Love is never as powerful as it was when we were children, or when we first fell in love, and never does it become our entire life when we’re older. And I believe this is what the movie tries to capture.


3) Isle of Dogs

wes anderson

If you love stop-motion animation, you’re going to love this movie. But even if you’re not into animations, the story itself is reason enough to get you intrigued.

The citizens of Megasaki City are ordered to get rid of their dogs by sending them to a land where trash is collected, called Trash Island. However, 12-year-old Atari goes on a rescue mission to find his dog, Spots. However, in his quest, he is aided by a pack of dogs who are determined to help the young boy.

Although not the typical Wes Anderson movie, this is a very different approach for him, which I believe was also very successful.


4) The Royal Tenenbaums

wes anderson

A distant family is reunited by the news of their father’s rapidly approaching death. The story closely follows their life journey from when they were very successful kids, to their very disappointing adulthood. A truly dysfunctional family that tries to reconcile and create relationships again, but is it too late? Are they too different and flawed?

A movie that teaches us not to turn our backs on the family when we are dealing with issues. Going through hardships alone is not brave, just lonely. Communication is key even when it comes to family.


5) The French Dispatch

wes anderson

This movie was supposed to come out in 2020, but it has been delayed to 2021.

However, the trailer is enough to give you a glimpse into the magical Wes Anderson world. It has been described as being set in a fictional twentieth-century French city, Ennui-sur-Blasé. It is a collection of stories from the newspaper The French Dispatch which come to life.

Be sure to be on the lookout for this one, as it seems like a true masterpiece.


Get ready to be immersed in some of the most beautiful visuals and camera works you have ever seen. Whichever movies you choose to watch, you can be certain that you won’t be disappointed. After all, no Wes Anderson movie could disappoint.


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