5 great webtoon series that you have to read PART II


Well, my dear readers, as promised, I’m here with a second part of “5 great webtoon series that you have to read”. In this article I will present to you five more webtoon series that I hope you’ll try to read. From supernatural, gangs and fighting to romance and even thriller, what would you choose?

Unholy Blood

This webtoon tells the story of Hayan, an orphan who lives with her two siblings under the protection of father Michael. However, the growing number of blood thirsty vampires it’s truly worrying. One day one “Angel of Death” destroys Hayan’s life and she if forced to use her darkest secret to get rid of vampires. Helped by a strange local policeman, Hayan tries to face her past. With a dynamic storytelling, great art style and intricate characters, this webtoon is still ongoing and caught the eye of many readers. If you’re into supernatural stories with a pinch of mystery and intense fights, you’ll most probably like Unholy Blood.

Winter Woods

What if playing “god” doesn’t turn out the way you’d expect? Once upon a time a heartless creature was born out of an alchemist’s desire for a family. Fast forward a few thousands years and we find Jane, a writer, taking in a peculiar fella, in exchange for telling her his story. Having a heartwarming, yet sad development, this webtoon is a great example of a good drama story. With a total of 75 chapters, Winter Woods is already completed and is waiting to be read!


Witch Hunt

One guy named Gamin witnessed something that would change his life forever, ironically, on his first day of school. And that something will be bothering him for a very long time. Let’s just say that exciting, yet dangerous things happen when you are around a witch. And Gamin know that way too well. How will he be able to protect the witch that changed his life? This webtoon combines in a gentle way humor with drama and supernatural. Oh, and it’s already finished, with almost 90 chapters. Even if the webtoon lacks detailed character development, Witch Hunt is full of cliffhangers and magic. It’s definitely worth a shot!


Midnight Poppy Land

Guns, mafia, secrets and…romance? Yep, these are the ingredients of this webtoon! Poppy is just a simple, plain and honest girl. She never got into trouble, but when she finds her boyfriend cheating on him she runs away. As she falls off her scouter, she finds out something disturbing…and Who would think that Tora, a scary-looking gangster would start playing a huge role in Poppy’s life? Midnight Poppy Land seems like a cliché love story. And to some extent, it is. But hey, sometimes taking a back seat and enjoying a cute story doesn’t sound that bad, am I right? Oh, and the first season is already finished, why don’t you check it out?

Sweet Home

Ok, ok, maybe you are not into all that stuff, but what about a chilling thriller? “After an unexpected family tragedy, a reclusive high school student is forced to leave his home – only to face something much scarier: a reality where monsters are trying to wipe out humanity.” Sweet home sounds pretty interesting so far, right? And to tell you the truth, the way the authors unwrap sensitive topics and the way the story is drawn will draw you in! (pun intended). This webtoon has a lot of potential and it has its own Netflix Original Series!

As per usual, these are just brief presentations of a really tiny and reserved portion of the webtoons, mangas and manhwas that I’ve read so far. And since a lot of those are really popular the chances are you’d find them pretty interesting as well. With that being said, I will come back soon with a third part. Stay (web)tooned!



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