5 great webtoon series that you have to read PART I


Have you ever heard of webtoons? Welp, my dear readers, a “webtoon” is what you’d call a comics, manga or manhwa series that is available on the internet and lemme tell you something: they are great! I’ve read thousands of these webtoons, of comics, manga and manhwa series. And I want to share with you five great webtoon series that you have to read! 

Parallel City 

What would you do if one day you met…yourself? Min, the protagonist of this webtoon series, is a great example of what you should do when you meet your doppelganger. You should run as fast as possible! Strange and dangerous things happen around them. If you love mysteries, paranormal activities and some dynamic action, this webtoon will be your cup of tea! The second season of Parallel City is out, don’t miss it! 


The Remarried Empress 

Once upon a time there was a perfect empress. She had it all. She was kind, loyal, intelligent and courageous. Loved by her people in the Eastern Empire, Navier would make anyone respect her, right? Wrong. One day, her husband, the emperor brings home a mistress and demands a divorce. Anyone would be hurt, yet Navier quickly adapts. This Remarried Empress proves political, social, moral and rational power and surprises his emotionally driven husband! This webtoon unfolds a series of great mysteries and plot twists! It’s still ongoing, why don’t you give it a try? 


Oh boy, one of my favorite webtoon series will surprise you with some great action and many cliffhangers“When the leader of a biker gang dies and finds himself with a ticket to Hell, he sets out a quest to change his fate.” This webtoon has such a unique and fluid art style! Its way of portraying the whole action is impressive! It’s already completed, with more than 180 chapters that keep you on the edge of your chair! 

For the Sake of Sita 

Ok, ok. We’ve talked so far about dynamic webtoons, full of plot twists, mysteries and lots of chapters. Maybe you’d like to read a short, yet emotional and heart-clenching story. Don’t worry, I’ve got you! For the Sake of Sita is a webtoon series about a medical student who falls in love with once a great, now a fallen goddess. Yet, fate is playing dirty games on our protagonists. Read about this student trial of fighting off destiny in a 14 chapters long story that will make even the toughest people cry! 


My Deepest Secret 

Maybe you don’t like all that fantasy stuff. You don’t really enjoy supranatural or historical character and you’d love to see something more realistic. No worries, I’ve got you! If you find yourself devouring soft thrillers, My Deepest Secret is a great webtoon series to start with! For Emma, having a normal day to day life is what she always wished for. A kind and loving boyfriend, a cheerful friends circle and an average college life. But there lies a huge secret between Emma and Elios relationship. What could that thrilling secret be? 

Webtoon Fandom Wiki

Of course, this list is not in any way classified by some sort of rank.  All these webtoon series are great in their own ways. And even though this is the first article about webtoons, I can assure you, it won’t be the last! A lot of new, interesting webtoons, comics, manga and manhwas are released almost weekly. So, there will be many other articles related to this subject. Have I made you curious yet? Will you give these webtoons at least a try? 



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