Here are 5 great green flags that say a lot about people!


We’ve briefly discussed red flags. What you have to be careful of and what to avoid. But have you thought about green flags? They are the opposite of the dangerous red flags and should be talked about too. Instead of focusing on the bad side of humanity, why not take a look at the good side as well? We have to stop taking them for granted or ignoring them ASAP. So, shall we begin with the green side?

The Compassionate

This type of people are all about empathy and compassion. You can see from their little gestures that they care about others. The small things they do make them a great company. Let’s say you are feeling down and the compassionate type of people approach you. They will do their best to make coping with your problems better. Maybe they will tell you a joke, bring you a cup of tea or give you a relaxing song to listen to.


Again, these small gestures are to die for. They are strong proof of their loving nature. This green flag may not be seen by many, but is strong evidence of empathy. And it does not have to be only small gestures! Offering help or consolation is a big thing.

The Listener

Ranting, swearing, crying or complaining, listeners will be all ears to your problems. This green flag is essential. It says a lot about a person’s character. The willingness to truly listen and be there shows great confidence, maturity and gentleness. If you talk about your problems with someone and you notice how closely they listen and how they are coming with suggestions to help you, do not take that person for granted! In a world full of noises, full of unique and varying voices, a listener is a true treasure. Even the desire to listen is admirable since is a sign of a person wanting to improve themselves.


The Gentle Individual

With gentleness comes great strength. And it comes as an important asset to be gentle. It can be physical tender-heartedness, it can be the gentle tone in their voice or their soft touch on anything. Their voice and words are milk and honey, their nature to be careful is admirable. Whether they hug you, they give you a piece of advice or look at you, they are so delicate. Even their presence is a band-aid for your suffering.


Similarly to the compassionate person, the gentle individual are hard to be noticed. If you see this green flag shower them with your gratitude and do not think of them as weak people. Having a kind heart is the greatest evidence of a strong character!

The Patient Person

Being patient in a world dominated of incredible speed is remarkable. Whether we are talking of personal decisions that have to be taken step by step, a tricky situation or a sudden problem, patient people think fast and wait “faster”. They do not force, rush or hurry anyone or anything. It’s more obvious when they accept your borders. You see them not insisting on various matters. Appreciating every moment, stopping for a second and admiring the positive side or calmly analyzing the negative side is in their nature. This green flag has to be appreciated. Being able to wait is an important quality

The Positive-Creative

Whether there is a problem or a reason to celebrate, these creative people will always surprise you in the most pleasant way. Their ideas are as fresh as a daisy, their thinking is spontaneous and their actions are sometimes unpredictable in a good way. This is a more obvious green flag and while it can relate itself to artistic creativity, it does not have to be about that. Even the simplest surprise is laudable.


Maybe they give you something they did to cheer you up. Maybe they are cooking something for you, even though they are not the greatest chefs ever. Or they surprised you with their other qualities! So, look out, there are far more creative people than you might think!

Of course, this is, again, a brief list and there are lots of green flags that have not been mentioned. The best thing to do is to look out and pay attention to people’s behavior, analyzing their words and gestures. You might be surprised to find some positive traits!


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