5 Friendship types and how they completely change over time

5 Friendship types and how they completely change over time
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Being able to differentiate friendship types may come extremely handy in learning how to develop our expectations when encountering new people. During our whole life, we meet new people and interact with them, creating strong bonds and friendships that will last, or just creating a short-term connection that will help us in some particular moments and circumstances. When it comes to friendships, I personally found 7 different friendship types and I think I will find even more once time passes.

  1. My first best friendfriendship type

The first friendship type I can identify is the one you form with your very first best friend. Since I was 2 years old, I have been friends with this girl that lived in the same building as I did and was only a few months older than me. We visited each other on a daily basis, we knew everything about each other, we went on trips together, we did everything together until the first year of middle school.

This was the year that completely changed our friendship. Slowly, but surely, we lost the connection we used to have. The visits were not that often anymore, we did not take any other trips together and we hung out once in a while. Even though we see each other now only once or maybe twice a year and we speak only a few times throughout the year, I think that what is really important is that we know that in case one of us needs the other, we will still be there and try our best to help.

There are friendship types that are not that tight anymore, but a real connection will never truly fade away.

  1. Childhood friends

friendship type

The part I love the most about my childhood is the group of friends I had. We were fifteen girls that went out daily in the park from our neighborhood. We were always happy and liked each other so much. In case of this friendship type, everything seemed perfect, but we were just kids and did not realize how things would change.

From those fifteen girls I only talk from time to time to three of them, to five others I talk only if we meet randomly in the city, and to the rest of them, I never talked again once we stopped meeting in the park. My parents always told me that we will not be friends forever, but in my mind, as a child, it was so disappointing to see the group breaking up.

  1. Primary school friends

friendship type

Once we start school, everything has so many unexpected changes. Everything is new and exciting, we just want to explore that new chapter of our childhood. For me, this was the time when I made a lot of new friends. With new interests going on and the other friendships fading away, I thought it was the proper time to make new best friends.

Unfortunately, one thing I definitely did not expect when it came to this friendship type was that it would involve fights over who was a better friend for the others and arguments for the role of your best friend. I later understood how childish these fights were for some people to whom I do not even speak anymore. The friendships lasted for three or four years and I can most certainly say that they were not the healthy kind.

  1. Middle school and high school friends

friendship type

These are the friendship types I personally enjoy. We are a group of twenty people, some of us met in middle school and a few others entered the group a couple of years later, in high school. We were inseparable all throughout middle school and high school and spent all of our time together.

Once university has started, our friendship changes a little, but these are still the friends I know I can count on at any time. They are actually the ones that are not just my friends, they are like my brothers and my sisters. We know each other so well, all of our secrets, our love history, our fights with our parents, our plans for the future. In the case of this friendship type, the friends are like a real family.

It is true that we do not see each other that often anymore, but any moment we do, everything is back to normal. The atmosphere is always great, the parties are always fun, the stories are always exciting and the friendships are surely true.

  1. Forever friends

friendship type

This friendship type does not include such a huge amount of people. And that is more than fine. Once I grew up, I realized that we really don’t need that many friends. If we have a few true friends, it is perfect. Maybe it sounds cheesy to say that these friendships will last forever, but some connections you just feel that will always be there.

I am now at a point in my life where I spend my time with a really, really close group of friends and I like it very much. They might be friends from childhood, primary school, middle school, high school, or university, it does not matter that much, what truly matters is that the connection is completely honest and true.


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