5 Fashion Channels That You Need to Follow!


Fashion is undoubtedly a great medium of self-expression and it can help the way you view yourself. Also, since the Internet has evolved to such a great extent, it has never been easier to be interested in fashion. So, if you want to develop or style or simply learn more about fashion in general, here are some youtube channels that I personally enjoy!

  1. bestdressed
5 Fashion Channels That You Need to Follow!
source: www.tubefilter.com

Being one of the most popular fashion youtubers, Ashley’s channel is a great place to relax while enjoying fashion videos. She not only has a great, trendy sense of style that can serve as inspiration, but she also has a bright personality and aesthetically pleasing editing techniques that make every video fun to watch. In recent years she has also started posting lifestyle or film-related videos (since she graduated a film school in LA), so her content is quite diverse. One unfortunate thing is that she hasn’t posted on her channel in 10 months, but all her videos are still available.

  1. HauteLeMode
5 Fashion Channels That You Need to Follow!
source: www.teenvogue.com

A great channel if you’re interested in high fashion. Luke Meagher makes a variety of videos ranging from history of the biggest fashion houses to reviews of influencers’ wardrobes and award show looks. He has vast knowledge on the topic and it is shown in every single one of his videos, so you’re bound to learn something new while enjoying his honest, but fun reviews.

  1. StealTheSpotlight

5 Fashion Channels That You Need to Follow!

Taking inspiration from various places, Katie’s style is cute, bright and colorful, incorporating trendy pieces into looks that are totally unique. Her videos are mainly concerned with outfit ideas inspired by pop culture, recreating or giving a twist to looks from cartoons, anime, TV shows or films, but she also gives tips on how the viewers can improve their style, so her channel is a great place to find inspiration if you enjoy fashion in media.

  1. ModernGurlz
5 Fashion Channels That You Need to Follow!
source: www.youtube.com

As the name suggests, this channel is related to fashion concerning girls and women, and their videos primarily focus on the decades between the 90s and present day. They review past trends and costume design in movies and TV shows, while discussing how they may affect present day trends, so their videos are both informative and entertaining.

  1. Mina Le
5 Fashion Channels That You Need to Follow!
source: www.youtube.com

My favorite off the list, Mina’s channel is an amazing choice if you want to learn fashion history. She is truly passionate and informed on the matter, and she structures her videos in a way that makes the information easily digestible and enjoyable. She also discusses social issues in relation to fashion, makes costume design reviews and edits her videos in a way that keeps you engaged, so I believe this combination of things is what makes her channel stand out.

All in all, clothes and fashion are part of our daily lives, so it’s good to keep up with trends or learning new things on the topic in a way that is easily accessible, enjoyable and helpful.


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