You might not know that some of your favourite k-dramas are actually adaptations of some really popular webtoons.

What are Webtoons and how did they turn into k-dramas?

Webtoons are a type of digital comic which originated in South KoreaKorean webtoons are similar to Japanese manga. These are illustrated stories with speech bubbles. The only difference between mangas and webtoons is that the later are fully coloured while mangas are black and white.

Webtoons became so popular in Korea that it sparked the idea to do something even greater. Fans were excited to see their favourite comic characters come to life on screen.

Bellow, I listed some of my favourite k-dramas based on some even more amazing webtoons


  1. True Beautyk-dranas based on webtoons

True Beauty is based on the webtoon with the same name, which follows a high school girl and her passion for makeup.  The 18-year-old own’s family has been constantly bullying her for her bellow-standard appearance.

She masters the art of makeup right before transferring to her new school, where her appearance earns her the name of ”goddess”. At this school, she is finally able to meet a couple of genuine people along with some romantic interests. People do not know how she looks without makeup so how will they react when they find out? Will she overcome her fear of being barefaced in front of her friends?


  1. Itaewon class5 Extraordinary k-dramas which were adapted from webtoons

This story follows Park Sae-ro-yi who opens a bar, called Danbam, in Itaewon. His goal is to become successful and take revenge on the Jangga Group who killed his father. Unfortunately, he is not that smart at managing his business. But he then meets Jo Yi-seo, by chance, who helps him get on his feet.


  1. My ID is Gangnam Beauty 

5 Extraordinary k-dramas which were adapted from webtoons

Kang Mi-rae has been constantly bullied in high school for her appearance, which determines her to get plastic surgery. She hopes her new appearance will help her live a normal life. Although, some consider her to be beautiful, because of her standard appearance that people who had plastic surgery have, people start calling her names like ”Gangnam monster”. Follow Mi-rae’s journey on accepting and loving herself for who she is.


  1. Extraordinary you

5 Extraordinary k-dramas which were adapted from webtoons

Although Eun Dan-O comes from a wealthy family who loves her and attends a prestigious school where she has friends, she suffers from a heart disease. Suddenly, she gets short-term memory loss and glimpses of the near future. She gets confused by her symptoms, but soon discovers that she is a character in a comic and she is not even the main character! She tries to break away from what the author made her character do but will she be able to escape her fate?


  1. Love alarm 5 Extraordinary k-dramas which were adapted from webtoons

Kim Jo-Jo is a beautiful and smart high school student, cut although she seems cheerful all the time, behind her smile she hides a tragic past. 

A cellphone app called Joalarm, which shows if someone that likes you is within 10 meters of you, is created. When someone who likes you gets closer, the app’s alarm rings. Although the app is very popular with her friends, she doesn’t download the app. 

Hwang Sun-Oh is a popular male student, who comes from a rich family. Although his parents are wealthy, they do not love him. When he notices that his best friend likes Kim Jo-Jo, he decides to test his friend’s feelings by kissing her.


Being stuck in quarantine has given us a lot more time to do what we like. What I enjoyed most during this period was watching k-dramas and reading webtoons. Most people don’t seem to know this but a lot of k-dramas are actually adapted from webtoons. These are just a few examples, my personal favourites.


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