5 Eco Friendly Products You Should Buy On Amazon


It is trendy to be addicted to something and out of the desire to keep up with the latest trends, we end up becoming slaves to everything that is happening today. Of all the trends that surround us, from the revolution of virtual influencers and from 5G technology to detox and cleanses diet, try beautiful trends. In this article, I’ll present to you 5 Eco Friendly Products You Should Buy On Amazon.

You certainly heard of the eco-trend, the one who has come to be one of the concerns of ordinary people for years. Now, this is the trend that I suggest to you. If you think it is selfish to live your life ignoring the effects your way of living has on the environment and you decided to be concerned about that, you are in the right place. I am here to help you to start a modern lifestyle that you desire to approach without the need to make too many changes.

Maybe it seems insignificant, but the good things begin with simple gestures. Here are some ideas I’ve selected for you and I’ve tried in last years.

Use plastic bags as little as you can

Grocery Bags Reusable Foldable 6 Pack Shopping Bags Large 50LBS

                $16 FROM AMAZON                

Get a pack of six beautiful foldable bags, you’ll want to use it just to show it off to the world. Your eco-friendly habit will bloom with this one. The BeeGreen reusable bags are made of ripstop that is waterproof and come in fun designs.

TOPDesign Stylish Canvas Tote Bag with an External Pocket

                $12 FROM AMAZON                

I recommend you to take a canvas bag as well. I have a lot of these and they’re very handy. Simple, but designed to look so chic. Check out the link to see where you can get for you because these basic bags hold up to 50 pounds each, so you’ll be able to stuff them really full.

 Change the usual dish sponges right now

E-Cloth Microfiber Dual Purpose Washing Up Pad, Yellow, 4 Count

                $20 FROM AMAZON                

Hear me out: buy a microfiber sponge and I guarantee you’ll save more many than you imagine. Besides, if I tell you how many bacteria it the content of used kitchen sponges, you’ll throw in the bin immediately. But you don’t want to use a new sponge each and every time you wash dishes. The good news is that you have alternatives.
E-Cloth is my favorite one. I use it for a week and then I pop in the laundry. After washing it is ready to be reused. These sponges are built to last.

Replace paper napkins you use every day with a textile one.

DII 100% Cotton French Stripe Tabletop Collection For Everyday Indoor/Outdoor Dining

                $18 FROM AMAZON                

You don’t have to spend money on a ton of new paper rolls. The solution is in your home among the old stuff. Any reusable cloth, clean rags all work well. They are washable and they can complete the look of your kitchen. See the models and choose what you like.

Go for Bamboo Cotton Buds

Bamboo Cotton Swabs 1000 Count

                $18 FROM AMAZON                

In my house, we usually finish a box of 200 Q-tips in a few weeks especially because my father uses them every day like they are going out of style, so that means too much plastic used only once. Even it’s not my own waste, I feel responsible to find an environmentally friendly substitute.
These bamboo Q-tips work just as great as the conventional plastic ones as my father said.


Can you believe that is possible to leave a slightly better world for future generations? With just a few clicks and without being necessary to change all your habits at once. If you implement at least two of the above recommendations, believe me, they will have an impact over time.

Sure, there are hundreds of other ways of being in #ecotrend. And I’m just as sure you already apply some of them like: turn off the light every time you leave a room, stop the water while you’re brushing your teeth or sort the waste. All this should become commonplace, not just be trendy.

I’m so glad you stayed until the end. Thank you for reading the article and for sharing it.

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