5 Easy Budget-Friendly and Eco Friendly Swaps

5 Easy Budget-Friendly and Eco Friendly Swaps

Here are some of my favorite budget-friendly and eco-friendly swaps to help reduce my waste. Due to the climatic disasters, our planet has gone through in recent years,  and because of the sudden raises in temperature that provoked plenty of damages, more and more eco-conscious people are trying to reduce their waste in a desperate attempt to help Mother Earth. However, as many companies have seen the potential economical growth this sudden ecological movement has brought along, a great deal of `eco-labeled products started to float the market.

As someone who has been trying to have a sustainable lifestyle for some time now, I can definitely say that you don’t necessarily have to spend lots of money on massive amounts of stuff, but choose budget-friendly alternatives. What you can do is follow the great rule of the 3R’s: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. Next, I will give you some examples of stuff you may have in your houses, that are a great alternative to fancy expensive reusables, based on my own personal experience.

  1. Jars

    5 Easy Budget-Friendly and Eco Friendly Swaps









You may say I’m a little crazy but hear me out. Glass jars are a budget-friendly alternative to almost everything. They can become your go-to reusable coffee cup or your water bottle, you can store food in them, fill them with soup or any other food and take them to school or at your job, use them as pencil holders, you can store different objects in them, such as pills, buttons, your pantry’s essentials, and the list could go on.

The versatility of jars is truly wonderful for someone on the budget, or someone who simply doesn’t want to invest in many cases. They also follow the rule of the 3R’s mentioned above and are a great way to reduce your waste, thus making this swap a great budget-friendly and eco-friendly alternative.

2. Old T-shirts as Tote Bags

5 Easy Budget-Friendly and Eco Friendly Swaps

This budget-friendly swap may require a few sewing skills or the assistance of an adult, but in the end, you will be left with a wonderful tote bag you can use all the time. What you have to do for this trick is to take an old T-shirt you don’t want to wear anymore and cut the sleeves in the shape of handles while you sew the bottom of the T-shirt together. This swap will give you not only a budget and eco-friendly alternative to a ready-made tote bag, but will also give you the satisfaction of using something you have made.

3. Old Drapes as Reusable Sacks

5 Easy Budget-Friendly and Eco Friendly Swaps

Following the pattern of the antecedent swap, this budget-friendly swap will get you some washable, reusable little fruit sacks you can use whenever you please. What you’ll have to do is go to any available thrift store and buy yourself some old drapes in any shape and color your heart desires. Cut them into rectangular pieces and sew just two of the margins. And there you have it, a brand new sack you can carry around when shopping. Of course, you can get fancier and add different handles and Miller’s knots, all to your liking.

4. Buy second-hand or thrift

5 Easy Budget-Friendly and Eco Friendly Swaps

This may not be a swap, per se, but it is a budget-friendly and eco-friendly idea that can help you reduce your waste.  As you may know, the fast fashion industry is one of the most wasteful and damaging industries of the current times producing entire landfills of waste. Not only that but many of the developing countries suffer from child laboring when it comes to the production of ready-made clothes, as the working hand is extremely cheap and the standards for employee’s protection are often neglected, thus generating massive profits for the fashion industry at a seemingly small (but actually huge) cost.

One small solution to this complex problem may be thrifting your clothes. Go to your local second-hand shops or outlets and get yourself an entire wardrobe at a cheap price. You might save both money and the planet this way.

5. Prepare your food, a budget-friendly alternative to fast food

5 Easy Budget-Friendly and Eco Friendly Swaps

This swap will help you in many ways. Not only is this a budget-friendly and eco-friendly hack, but preparing your food at home can help you with your health, your waste and can potentially help you find a new passion. I know not a lot of people have the luxury to spend the time at home cooking, but from time to time you can choose to make a lovely dinner at home rather than going to a restaurant or buying fast food.

This budget-friendly swap can also help you improve your health, as will enable you to be careful and appreciate the food you had made and give you the satisfaction of cooking for yourself. More than that, by preparing your own food you can greatly reduce the food waste problem we have today. As it is already known, a great deal of the food we produce ends up in the landfill causing great damage to our environment. So, making our own food will make sure we use the things we have brought and thus reduce the amount of food waste we produce each day.


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