5 countries that you should definitely visit sometime


Before this pandemic took a toll on our lives, I used to travel a lot. Luckily, I had the opportunity to travel a lot most of my childhood and teenage years. Basically, every year I visited a new place, a new city, a new country. I know this can be a cliché for some of you, but yes, I love travelling. It relaxes me and calms me down, while I learn new things. Cool, right? Well, yeah. With that being said, today I will write about 5 countries that you should definitely visit sometime and that I heavily recommend.

1. Austria

I’ve visited this country on multiple occasions and every time it was more beautiful. If you visit Vienna, I heavily recommend visiting the Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens or the Zoo. Moreover, you can visit St. Stephen’s Cathedral, whose architecture is breathtaking, or the Spanish Riding School. Bonus points if you visit this amazing country during Christmas time. The Vienna Christmas Market is an event you can’t miss! You can eat and drink various things…and you can even go ice skating as well.

If you love shopping, a good alternative for you is the Designer Outlet Parndorf. I was flabbergasted, because it looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale: colorful houses, a lot of decorations and an amazing feeling. It’s even prettier during Christmas time, because when I went there, there was a sleigh with reindeers, in which you could’ve taken photos. Well, everything is prettier during Christmas time, but these are just examples.

5 countries that you should definitely visit sometime


2. Hungary

It goes without saying that Hungary is a very beautiful country, where you can do lots of stuff! From Danube river cruises near the Parliament building in Budapest to living an actual fairytale in the Visegrád Castle! Or, if you love history, you can visit the Heroes Square. And, if you want a pretty view, from where you can take lots of pretty pictures, you can go to the Fisherman’s Bastion! Not only is it full of attractions, but there’s also a certain variety when it comes to restaurants: it’s a little bit of everything!

5 countries that you should definitely visit sometime

3. France

Now this is where it gets interesting. This was one of my first holidays ever and, despite the fact that I don’t remember much, there are still some things that are very well printed in my mind. I remember the fact that I used to walk by foot all the time and that I was super tired, but happy at the same time. This was actually my first holiday by plane, so I remember that journey better than anything else.

France has a lot of places you can visit. Stating the obvious now: you can visit the Eiffel Tower, you can go on a nice walk by the Seine, you can visit the Notre Dame and La Sacre Coeur and more! The cherry on top of this fantastic holiday was the fact that I went to Disneyland! Seriously, if you have the opportunity to visit this beautiful place, go for it! Who cares if you’re not a child? I’d give everything to visit Disneyland again!

Their food is delicious! I mean…eating croissants and chocolate pancakes for breakfast? That was my childhood dream!

5 countries that you should definitely visit sometime

4. Croatia

I visited Croatia four years ago and it was a dream come true! It’s a nice fusion of beaches and mountains, with good food and amazing things to visit, such as the Zagreb Cathedral, the Museum of Broken Relationships and more! Find out more about my Croatian journey here.

5 countries that you should definitely visit sometime

5. Bulgaria

I’ve been to Bulgaria many times and in many different cities. For example, the Golden Sands are amazing and I prefer the sea in Bulgaria over everything. Near the Romania-Bulgaria border, there’s a place called Tyulenovo and I’ve never felt more alive.

Enough with the sea, because autumn is here and I don’t want to get nostalgic.

Near Romania, there are beautiful cities such as Ruse, where you can visit the Svoboda (Liberty Square) or the Pantheon of National Heroes or Veliko Tarnovo, where you can visit the Tsaravets fortress or the Stambolov Bridge!

This is a picture I took two years ago when I visited the beautiful Burgas:

5 countries that you should definitely visit sometime

Even though we are going through a new situation, which has changed the course of our lives forever, we should remember the things that made us happy and calmed us down. For me, it was travelling. I hope you enjoyed my take on these 5 amazing countries and I hope you want to visit them in the future… well, after things get better.


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