5 Cool Things You Probably Forgot Existed (Part 2)


Did you enjoy opening your memory box while reading my previous article about things you probably forgot existed? Then, this next one will surely unlock other levels of nostalgia, as we dive deeper into the 90s/early 2000s. Let’s reminisce together with 5 more things you probably forgot existed:

1) Magnetic drawing board is one of the things you probably forgot existed

I don’t know about you, but watching that board erase itself was fascinating. You could explore your artistic side with all kinds of drawings or practice your writing skills on it. Kind of a high-tech item at that time, this would save you the trouble of getting all sorts of ink and paint on your hands (or around the house). Fun and convenient!

source: micostore.ro


2) Rubber ballet slippers

No matter your gender, there’s no way you didn’t see at least one person wearing these at school. Why? I don’t have a clue. The desire to show off your fresh pedicure, maybe? Or the freedom of walking *almost* barefoot around town… Anyhow, these came in all sorts of colors and designs, but what mattered was that they were as transparent as possible. If you were a fan back then, that look came back in style, in a more refined way. Check out the Kardashian/Jenner clan for their take on clear shoes, for reference.

source: zibra.ro


3) Fruity lip balms 

It might be an East-European thing, but back in the day we didn’t know as much about luxury makeup brands, so we turned to local products like this one right here. These lip balms came in colorful packaging, according to the desired flavor and were pretty much harmless, even for kids. I can’t remember if they really moisturized your lips, but collecting them was surely a fun hobby for a future makeup and skincare lover.

source: Smart Shop Express


4) Chinese Tiger Balm… from the series of things you probably forgot existed

No matter what pain someone was going through, your grandparents definitely had this stocked up somewhere in their cabinets. These round tin recipients contained some magical cure that worked wonders for even the toughest arthritis. You surely remember the strong herbal/minty scent and the impressive design on top of it too.

source: Pinterest


5) Cassette Video Consoles

This one is for the old-school gamers out there. Before Playstation, Xbox and Wii, Nintendo knock-offs like Terminator or Sega were mostly sold in Europe. These came with 2 controllers, 1 toy gun and a few cassette games. Some of the most popular were Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Track & Field, Jungle Book and Aladdin.

source: Wikipedia

Bonus: Tetris 9999 in 1 Brick Game

Another 90s kid essential, these are the ancestors of the mobile phone game that we know nowadays as Tetris. They are actually still being sold, so you can always treat your inner child with a fun game from the past.

source: Alibaba


This concludes my series of 5 things you probably forgot existed, but you can always remember the good old days with your friends and family and come up with your own list. Make every Wednesday a “Way back Wednesday” and your Thursdays a “Throwback Thursday”!

Also, if you haven’t read the first part yet, take a look at it here: 5 things you probably forgot existed (Part 1)


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