5 Cool Cars For Beginners (Under 5,000 Euros)

Cool Cars

If you are 18 years old and want to buy a car, I have the perfect top with cool cars; but before you see what I recommend, I have some tips for you, which I, too, got from different forums or mechanics:

  1. Your first car will have to be a hatchback or a sedan with a maximum of 150 HP.
  2. I was recommended the automatic gearbox because it’s much more maneuverable when on the road for a long time; but in my opinion, a manual gearbox will teach you to “feel” the car.
  3. Buy a four-wheel drive or front-wheel drive only, never rear-wheel drive at first; it is very difficult to handle in severe weather conditions.
  4. Don’t buy a car more expensive than 5000 Euros, because at first, you will have to learn to drive, not to learn the way to the car service.

I’ll let you enjoy this list and I hope you’ll like it:

5. Suzuki Swift

This small Japanese car offers four engine variants: 1.3 liters (70 HP), a small, noisy, petrol engine; and 3 diesel engines; 1.3 liters (92 HP), 1.5 liters (102 HP), and 1.6i sport (125 HP).

Inside, you can’t expect much, what with it being a small city car: textile-wrapped chairs, some controls on the steering wheel, and a small luggage compartment – a perfect car for a young driver. It’s small enough to be parked anywhere and the engine is highly reliable.

Cool Cars Suzuki Swift- interior

4. Audi A3

This may be the best compact car made by Audi. Why? It has no less than 22 engine variants, from 90 HP to 250 HP (I do not recommend an engine with more than 150 HP at the beginning because it is difficult to maintain). This hatchback amazed me. On the outside, it’s a small car – good for slalom driving (don’t do it though, you risk a big fine), but the interior is spectacular, incredible I could say: controls on the steering wheel, fabric or leather seats, and an Audi multimedia system which works in any conditions. I recommend a 2.0-liter engine, a TFSI S Tronic of 140 HP, small, sporty, and good.

If there’s anything not to like to this car, it’s the back – strange, because because there are no deformations – it’s a simple, straight piece of metal.

Cool Cars Audi A3- interior

  1. Renault Clio

Perhaps the only French car suited to a beginner that I recommend, and for the well-thought out engine – an engine which, even with a small cylinder capacity, is pretty strong; it’s a very beautiful car on the outside and luxurious on the inside. As we were talking about engines, starting from a 0.9-liter engine that develops 90 HP, Renault engineers have created another 5 engines, from 75 HP to 200 HP(an rs version, which I recommend for a next car, if you feel ready for that). I am a fan of engines over 100 HP, so the 1.2-liter 120 HP engine seems perfect to me. It’s a GT version, so this car is small and powerful.

The Leather-covered seats and the Renault typical multi-functional steering wheel along with the car’s multimedia system, make me more and more inclined to put it on my wish list.

Renault Clio- interior Cool Cars

  1. Volkswagen Golf, the 6th generation

I’ll be subjective: from this top, this car is my favorite. Let me explain why: when it comes to engines, I am demanding, especially where power and cylinder capacity are concerned. This model has 24 engine variants, from 80 HP to 270 HP (too powerful an engine for such a small car). I like the 2.0 FSI engine, which comes with an automatic or manual gearbox (depending on your preference).

This car is made for luxury: Seats with Alcantara, multi-control steering wheel and a multimedia system that I would use continuously. For 5000 Euros, this one offers everything you might want.

Cool CarsVW Golf- interior

  1. Dacia Logan

Maybe the cheapest version of this top of the range of maintenance. Dacia Logan comes with a 0.9 tce engine that develops 90 HP. This car is the pride of the Romanians (and mine, theoretically) because it’s resistant to light collisions: it has a solid body and a rather aggressive design, at least the model made after 2018.

If I could buy this car, I would buy it for the interior: it has textile-covered seats, but the board, the steering wheel, and the multimedia system attract me a lot. This car has potential, but I expect the engineers to develop an engine of minimum 120 HP, suitable for longer journeys, because, as I said before, I like the potent cars with more than 100 hp.

Cool Cars Dacia Logan- interior

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