5 body types and why they are important for your confidence

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Let’s talk about body types! There are some society body standards that we can not ignore completely. Growing up, I always felt that a piece of clothing should fit in some way. Let’s find out what is your body type and what types of clothing that suit you better.

The body shapes 

1. The straight Body Shape

This shape is rectangular, and that means that you have the approximately same measurements for all sections of your body. What would look good on this shape: something that would define your waist. 

2. Pear Body Shape

This shape means your hips are wider than the rest of your body, you have narrow shoulders and a small bust. As for your legs, some A shape pants would look good. Also, this body shape favors the waist would draw attention towards the upper body and defined waist. 

3. Apple Body shape

As for your measurements, this shape means that your bust is larger than your hips. You should wear clothes that add curves to the lower body. For this body shape, A-line dresses look great. 

4. Hourglass Body shape

An hourglass body shape, the shoulders, and hips are larger than the waist. For this body shape, you should focus on your waist, as this shape is naturally balanced with a defined waist. 

5. The inverted Triangle Body Shape

In the case of a pear body shape, the hips were the larger measurement of the body, but in the case of inverted triangle body shape, the shoulders and the bust are the wider parts of the body. Here, in an outfit, the focus should be on the lower body, as adding curves to the hips and bottom. 

How to find out your body type

https://www.pov21.com/5-body-types-and-why-they-are-important/ ‎

I think it is important to know your body shape to know what types of clothing you should wear. You can do this by measuring your bust, waist, hips and see what body part is the larger and the smallest. Remember that there is no `too large` or `too skinny`, there are just various body types. I find this site useful in calculating your body shape. 

I have only selected somebody shapes and some pieces of clothing advice, as I am no professional. In my experience, I could not appreciate my body shape because I kept telling myself that I was too fat for some clothes. Last summer I discovered that I am a pear body shape and that I have to draw attention to my waist.

Of course, we see people dressed in a specific way and we want our clothes to fit as well, but there are many types of body shapes. Every shape is beautiful and there is no point in comparing them. Beauty doesn’t stay in numbers. Just remember to appreciate your body type!

Your confidence is as important as the clothes you pick. Be comfortable with your body and your figures!


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