5 best natural remedies for psoriasis

5 best natural remedies for psoriasis

Psoriasis is considered a disorder of the immune system that causes the skin to regenerate faster than normal, but we will present you natural remedies for psoriasis. It is not known, however, what the exact cause of this immune problem is. According to research, both genetic and environmental factors have a role in triggering the disease. Psoriasis is not contagious. Psoriasis can occur in any area of ​​the body but usually manifests itself in the lower back, knees, elbows, fingers/toes, scalp, genitals, navel, and underarms. Doctors prescribe creams and ointments, phototherapy, or systemic medications to treat psoriasis. But the appearance of psoriasis, as well as the itching sensation can be alleviated using natural remedies, available to anyone. Here are 5 natural remedies for psoriasis:

1.Aloe vera

The aloe vera gel has calming properties that reduce the discomfort associated with psoriasis symptoms. It is one of the best natural remedies for psoriasis. Aloe Vera has shown very good results in skin diseases and is often taken orally as a juice or as an ointment applied to the skin. It has also been found that this plant not only treats psoriasis but has proven its effectiveness in treating wrinkles, stretch marks and against pigmentation. It also appears to be able to accelerate healing by improving blood circulation, preventing cell death around wounds.

2.Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is not just a salad dressing, it can also help people with psoriasis on the scalp. Mixed with water, it is spread on the scalp several times a week, the effect being to soothe the itching. After it dries, it is removed in the shower so as not to cause irritation. But be careful! The use of apple cider vinegar is contraindicated if there are bleeding wounds or cracks in the scalp caused by psoriasis.


Its active compound, curcumin, has shown positive results in the treatment of psoriasis. Due to its antibacterial and calming effect, turmeric reduces the risk of infections and soothes the burning sensation. It is one of the best known natural remedies for psoriasis.

You can enjoy the benefits of turmeric using topical gels or various natural preparations. An excellent option is the mixture of turmeric powder with natural honey. It is recommended to use this remedy for psoriasis for three or four weeks.


Chamomile has anti-inflammatory and calming properties. Therefore, it is an ideal treatment for the symptoms of psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions. Chamomile infusion can be applied topically to lesions like a regular lotion. You can also use chamomile extracts and oils to make your own creams.

5.Baking soda

Baking soda also has beneficial effects in relieving the symptoms of psoriasis if 3 teaspoons of this white powder are mixed with half a glass of water, and the solution obtained is applied, with a compress, on the skin. Is one of the least known natural remedies for psoriasis. Covering the problem area with cotton swabs soaked in wine is another method with amazing results in improving the quality of the skin affected by psoriasis.


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