5 basic computer hacks that everybody should know


Have you ever wished there were some hacks or perhaps easier ways to access things or save some time instead of trying to find the right commands in the taskbar? Well, there is! Now you can make things easier for yourself by working some magic with your keyboard.

Basic computer hacks

Ctrl + C

If you want to copy a text, you can easily select it and press Ctrl + c instead of pressing the right-click and then selecting the ‘copy’ option.

Ctrl + V

After you copied the text you can paste it with the Ctrl + v command.

Ctrl + B

This command can make your text bold. Just select the text (or word) and press Ctrl + b and now your text is bold.

Ctrl + I

This command can make your text italic. Select the text and press Ctrl + i and your text becomes italicized.

Ctrl + U

The Ctrl + u command underlines your text. Select the paragraph/s and press the command. Now your text should be underlined.

Bonus for Google Docs

If you are writing a long document and you want to know the word count but the commands on Google Docs seem too complicated, there is a simpler one you can access with three keys: 

Ctrl + Shift + C

A tiny window should appear which tells you the word count, how many characters you have, how many characters you have without the spacing and how many pages you have. If you want to see how many words you have while you are writing/editing your document, you can just check the ‘Display word count while typing’ box and it should appear in the left corner at the bottom of the page.


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