5 great ass-kicking books that are not romantic at all

Most of the time I read romance. Maybe because I am a girl, maybe because I’m lame. Who knows? I still enjoy them, and it will be my favorite genre. Despite that, I have discovered non-romance books that I enjoyed.
Some of them completely changed my taste in books. Some of them changed me as a person. But most importantly, they will teach you something that will definitely be useful someday.

“Cell” by Stephen King: if you like horror gems

This was one of the books I actually read in English. I found it in a second-hand bookstore in Italy, and I bought it without thinking about it too much. This was the book that made me love the horror genre in books. Basically, the story revolves around a virus that is transmitted through cell-phones.
This virus is somehow making people become zombies. Our main characters, that survive this virus, will try to survive. At the end of the story, you’ll find out the most unexpected plot ever. The book was written in 2006, and it has a movie adaptation from 2016.

“Eeny Meeny” by M.J. Arlidge: for the retired policeman within you

This was my first detective storybook that I’ve read, and it blew my mind. It really is thrilling. Here we have the story of a detective finding out the criminal. But the criminal is playing games with the victims, and also with the police.
Along with these stories, we also have some character development from our main characters. It was written in 2016, and this book is the one from the series “Helen Grace” which has nine total books.

“Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins: for the retired economist within you

This was actually recommended by my teacher. It was published in 2004, and it’s an autobiographical book. The thing with this book is that some people see it as pure fiction. But I have the right of doubt, so it’s actually a good one.
Basically, the writer is simply telling the story of the moments he’s been through while performing his job. The stories are unbelievably dangerous and have a sense of a real game Hitman. But for sure, you’ll have a valuable lesson about the world economy and how some things are done.

“Humour” by Terry Eagleton: for the giggling child within you

If you like humor, but you’re also an analyst person, this is perfect for you. The author is describing humor through history, science, philosophy. It’s the best approach of why we like different types of humor, or why do we laugh at baby jokes.
Here, the things that make us laugh are defining who we are or what we like as humans. It’s literally a critical view of laughable things, and it’s fantastic. It was published in 2019

“Lying on the couch” by Irvin Yalom: for the psychiatrist within you

This book felt like a session with my therapist. Our main character, who is a psychiatrist, also needs a psychiatrist. Jokes aside, it’s like walking in the mind of a psychiatrist.
You can see what they’re thinking, and how do they see their own life. The patients/clients are their main goal to succeed, but all of them just struggle with their lives, and it almost feels raw and emotional, and I think it’s a good insight into what people are like when they are at their lowest. It was initially published in 1997.
If you liked this top, you can tell us what are your favorite non-romantic books. I am always open to finding out more wholesome books that other people enjoyed. What do you think about it?


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