5 animation movies which are perfect for cat lovers

5 animation movies which are perfect for cat lovers
I love animals, especially cats. I don’t think I can have a happy life without them! And my childhood was full of animation movies about cats, which were really funny and great for a child like me.

I consider myself a cat lover and every time I see something that is related to these little cute beings, I don’t hesitate to watch or read. So I decided to make a list of some animations movies that I’ve watched when I was little and I still enjoy them.

1. Gay Purr-ee

5 animation movies which are perfect for cat lovers

I wanted to start this list with a classic. This was one of my first childhood animation movies about cats. I remembered this movie when I was looking for old cartoons and I came across this one, which I no longer knew so well.

Gay Purr-ee is an animation about the house cat, Mewsette, who lives in the French countryside, but wants to experience the city life and decides to go on a trip to Paris. But, unfortunately, she will have some bad experiences while trying to make her dream come true. Jaune Tom, the stray cat who is in love with Mewsette, and his comrade Robespierre, will try to find and save her.

A funny musical animation, with some scenes that can be likened to real-life events, with fictional and cute characters.

2. The Aristocats

5 animation movies which are perfect for cat lovers

Another animated movie, that also has a Parisian landscape, is the famous Disney movie, The Aristocats. I loved this animation, I’ve watched this one a hundred times, and it still doesn’t bore me.

The Aristocats is about a cat, named Duchess, and her three little kittens: Berlioz, Toulouse and Marie who live in a villa in Paris with a rich old lady. Her butler became jealous because the old lady wants to leave the inheritance of her cats and he decides to abandon them under a bridge. With the help of a stray cat, called Thomas O’Malley, and his friends, Duchess and her three kittens will try to come back to her owner and take revenge on the butler.

I think that anyone can watch this nice animation and can enjoy and laugh at the funny moments of these cats.

3. Puss in Boots

5 animation movies which are perfect for cat lovers

Another movie that has the protagonist a cat is Puss in Boots. This movie is actually a story about one of Shrek’s comrades, who became a musketeer, going through a lot of adventures in order to steal some magic beans with his old friend, that later will become an enemy, Humpty Dumpty. While trying to steal the beans, he meets his female match, Kitty Softpaws, who will also help him in order to clear Puss’ name.

I really liked the Shrek series, and Puss in Boots was my favourite character. When I found that they will make a special movie for this brave cat, my enthusiasm increased and I had to watch this movie.

Scenes that make you laugh or cry, moments where the cats make their special and adorable face, this animation has everything for a cat lover.

4. Garfield and Friends

5 animation movies which are perfect for cat lovers

Garfield and Friends is a TV series, but I can’t say that I didn’t love it when I was a child. I’ve always organised my weekends to catch this show on TV.

This animation shows a lazy orange cat whose favourite lifestyle is to sleep, eat lasagna and annoy Odie, his dog companion, and his owner. The series though, show much more than his desires. His annoyed and grumpy face when he has to do something, and the funny moments when he pisses off his owner, by getting into trouble like normal cats, were the reasons why I could not detach myself from this series.

5. Tom and Jerry series

5 animation movies which are perfect for cat lovers

I wanted to end this list with another classic, that is impossible not to remember or know.

Tom and Jerry is everyone’s childhood series and is another one that I absolutely loved to watch when I was little. Many episodes where these two funny characters, Tom, the cat, and Jerry, the mouse, are trying to eliminate each other while going through some weird and chaotic adventures were pure entertainment for me. They also had moments of friendship, trying to help each other, usually when the target was common or another enemy bothered them both.

Unfortunately, the series had to end, and many other weak replicas are trying to keep this animation alive, but nothing compares with the old ones.

Which one did you enjoy the most? I would really like to know your opinion, even if you are a cat lover or not.


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