5 amazing cat toys your cat will LOVE

cat toys

When it comes to our furry friends, we all want to give them the best presents. After all, they are the most spoiled child of the family. The joy they feel playing with those toys is just as big as the one we feel when looking at them play. Everything they do is so entertaining and adorable to us. Therefore, here are 5 amazing cat toys you can find on Amazon that your cat is guaranteed to love.

  • Automatic Cat Feeder

5 amazing cat toys your cat will LOVE

5 amazing cat toys your cat will LOVE Automatic Cat Feeder

                $70 FROM AMAZON                

Never worry about your cat getting their meals on time again!

Starting off, this is not really a cat toy, but more like a very useful gadget for late sleepers and busy cat owners.

If your cat likes to wake you up very early in the morning as they are hungry, or you get home late, you don’t have to worry about your cat going hungry anymore! This device helps you keep tabs on how much and how often your cat eats. You simply set the timer and the food will drop into the bowl when it is time for your pet to have another meal. You can feed them anywhere from once to four times a day. You can also record your voice to play before the food drops and in that way, your cat still feels like you’re the one feeding them.

This device is also suitable for dogs.


  • Catnip Infused Toys

5 amazing cat toys your cat will LOVE

5 amazing cat toys your cat will LOVE Catnip Silvervine Blend Interactive Cat Toys

              $7 FROM AMAZON              

Adorable and entertaining, what more can you ask for?

We all know catnip makes cats act crazy. And sometimes, so do toys. The combination of the two will surely be entertaining for both the cat and the owner!

These adorable cat toys are sure to get a reaction out of your kitty as they are infused with a blend of catnip and silvervine which is more potent. Moreover, silvervine is a non-toxic, all-natural catnip alternative which most cats seem to prefer to regular catnip. It is pesticide-free which makes it safe in case your cat rips it open and ingests it. The toy is just as efficient for kittens, as it is


  • Cat Tunnel

5 amazing cat toys your cat will LOVE

5 amazing cat toys your cat will LOVE Cat Tunnel with Play Ball

              $14 FROM AMAZON              

The perfect exercise “machine” for indoor cats!

If your cat likes to exercise her natural hunting instincts, this cat tunnel will be her best friend!

This cat toy makes running and hiding that much more fun since most cats usually love the crinkling noise cat toys make. As they run through the tunnel, they are met with 2 hanging toys at one end that will pique their curiosity and keep them entertained for hours because they move on their own. It is tear-resistant, and it even has a plastic window you can look at them through.

This keeps your pet active and makes sure to provide the daily exercise they need.


  • Scratching Post with Toys

5 amazing cat toys your cat will LOVE

5 amazing cat toys your cat will LOVE Scratching Pad with Toys

                $42 FROM AMAZON                

Keep your furniture safe with this interactive scratching post.

As a cat owner, you know how much they love to sharpen those claws! And unfortunately, the best spot they can find always seems to be a piece of furniture we greatly care about. After all, who wants a scratched-up couch?

To avoid having to buy a new one every week, you might want to invest in a scratching post. Once they get accustomed to using this cat toy, they won’t be interested in your furniture anymore.

This specific scratching post is made out of recycled materials and it’s sure to resist too many battles with your cat’s “killer mittens” without losing scraps. Moreover, it has 2 yarn balls attached to the post to keep that will keep your cat entertained, a rolling ball for her to try and catch, and even has a game of whack-a-mole. So, it really is the best of both worlds. No more rips for you and so many ways to play for them!


  • Countless Amounts of Mice!

5 amazing cat toys your cat will LOVE

5 amazing cat toys your cat will LOVE Toy Mice

              $15 FROM AMAZON              

The best way to never run out of toys again at an affordable price!

If there’s anything we know about cats, it’s their love for mice.

And if your cat is anything like mine, toy mice always get lost around the house. By the time we find them, we’ve already bought them a million other new cat toys they can lose. However, the best way not to break the bank (because let’s be honest, they don’t really care about new and fancy cat toys) and have them enjoy themselves is to buy a pack of 60 mice we can take out any time they are bored. This pack comes with a variety of mice so your cat won’t get bored of the same toy over and over again.

Fun for the whole family!


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