5 Amazing Barbie Movies Everyone Needs to Rewatch!


I think we can all collectively agree that Barbie movies are truly timeless. Even though they are technically kids’ movies, their beauty is ageless. If you were a Barbie fan as a kid, this is your sign to rewatch your favorite movies and remember how incredible these animations really are. Nothing makes us feel more cozy and warm than the nostalgia of watching our favorite childhood cartoons!


  • Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper


Personally, this was (and still is) my favorite Barbie movie.

Erika and Anneliese are two girls. Although they are not related, they are the spitting image of each other. However, they live very different lives, as Anneliese is a princess and Erika is a pauper. After meeting, they instantly become friends and after the villain, Preminger kidnaps the princess, Erika comes to her rescue as she impersonates her and tries to undo his evil plan.


  • Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus


This Barbie movie’s story is a little…wild. But incredible nonetheless.

After refusing to marry a wizard named Wenlock, he gets so angry that he turns everyone into stone. However, Annika is saved by Brietta a flying Pegasus who takes her to a castle in the clouds. Upon their arrival, Annika soon finds out that Brietta is actually her sister who was also cursed by Wenlock and turned into a horse. After this incident, they set out on a quest to try and undo all these awful magic spells and save their family and kingdom.


  • Barbie as the Island Princess


After a shipwreck, Rosella is saved by the animals of the island she gets stranded on. From then on they become her family. They grow up together, bond, and even understand what each other is saying. However, one day their peace is disturbed by another shipwreck. This time, a prince ends up stranded on the island. Rosella saves him and he rewards her by taking her back to civilization and her actual family.


  • Barbie: Fairytopia ( the trilogy)


If there’s anything we all remember from these movies, is the fairies’ (and mermaids) stunning outfits and makeup.

This trilogy also includes Barbie: Fairytopia – Mermaidia and Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow, the main character of all of them being Elina and her adorable sidekick, Bibble.

All three movies follow the duo in different realms, but with the same mission: to save their friends and kingdom from evil powers.


  • Barbie of Swan Lake


This starts off as a story told by Barbie to her little sister, Kelly. In this story, a girl from a small village named Odette ends up in an Enchanted Forest while following a unicorn. There, she helps the unicorn who was stuck in a bush with a crystal. However, upon unleashing the crystal she unknowingly summons an evil wizard named Rothbart who turns her into a swan. With the help of the Fairy Queen, she must undo this curse by finding her true love.


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