4 easy ways of incorporating more vegetables into your diet

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Everyone knows that a high intake of fruits and vegetables is essential for a healthy diet, but with so many junk food options out there it can be hard to incorporate veggies into your diet.

The reason most people don’t really eat that many vegetables is because they thing they taste bad – and that’s largely because they’re not cooking or seasoning them properly. If you learn how to cook vegetables according to your own tastes I promise you’ll learn how to love it. Here are 4 great ways in which you can cook vegetables so that you incorporate more of them into your diet:

Add vegetables to your pasta

Pasta is a dish that most people I know eat fairly often: it’s a quick, easy weeknight dinner that’s highly customizable, so it’s the perfect dish to be adding veggies to. Even if you use jarred pasta sauce, adding something like mushrooms to it will definitely improve it. If you’d like to eat more leafy greens, you could opt for adding some spinach to it, even if you’re not a fan of the taste. The leaves will wilt down considerably if you toss them in a pan with the sauce for a minute or so, and the difference in taste is pretty much unnoticeable.

Vegetable cream soup

Vegetable cream soup is one of my favorite comfort meals. It’s warming, creamy and can be eaten with lots of different things, like croutons, crackers or grilled cheese. It’s a great dish to prepare in advance so you can eat it throughout the week, and the best part about it is that you can use whatever you want in it.

 https://www.pov21.com/4-ways-eating-more-vegetables/ ‎
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Most people think that the only way to eat vegetables is in salads, and that salads are boring. But here’s the thing: they don’t need to be boring. Just like soups, you can customize them whatever you want. One thing I used to hate about salads was how much lettuce most of them had in comparison to other vegetables, but you can adjust that however you want when making your own. You don’t even have to include lettuce unless you want to, and you can add things like chicken or cheese as well. Using a dressing that’s more than just a basic olive oil and lemon juice vinaigrette can also make a big difference.


Quiches are some of the most underrated dishes out there, in my opinion. They’re savory tarts filled with an egg mixture that can be eater both hot and cold. They can last for a few days and they’re great both for lunches and dinners and for snacks. Just like the previous dishes on this list, you can add whatever ingredients you want to them, and they’re a great way of combining different flavors and textures.

https://www.pov21.com/4-ways-eating-more-vegetables/ ‎
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