4 unique costumes for Halloween

4 unique costumes for Halloween

As Halloween is approaching, everyone is stressing out about the parties that will take place in their town, or the events they are invited to go and the only question that goes thru their minds these days is about: What should I wear? Or what costume should I wear this year to be unique compared to the rest of the people?

We all know that this year we will see a lot of Money Heist costumes, or Squid Game costumes. And of course, the common ones like an angel, a devil, a vampire, Harley Quinn and Joker, and animals like cats and dogs.

If you want a unique costume for Halloween, I am here to give you 4 examples that will help you out in the last second before you will go to that horror party you deserve this month.

1. A princess from Walt Disney

4 unique costumes for HalloweenIf you feel like being a literal princess this year, this is your chance to shine. For the party, you can choose to dress up as your favourite princess from Walt Disney Movies such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Snow White and so on.

Your costume will be very simple to purchase or to make. You will need just a dress to resemble the princess you choose and some matching shoes with the final dress. For the accessories, you need to find something from your house that goes with the look and for the hair and make-up, you just need to follow a picture of the Disney princess or a YouTube make-up tutorial for that individual princess ( trust me, there are a lot of videos ).

And if you feel a little extra and have a partner to go to at this party, you can be a Walt Disney couple as well! For example, you could be Belle and he could be the Beast! Or, you could be the Cinderella and he could be the Beast. It is up to both of you who you want to choose.

Just feel the magic in the end!

2. The Conjuring

4 unique costumes for HalloweenYes, you heard right! If you feel a little too spooky this year, you can dress up exactly like the nuns from The Conjuring series.

If you want to scare your friends you can be the perfect representation for the Nun from The conjuring movies.

Also, if you want to be a little extra and to win the best costume from the party, you can add to your suit, as an accessory, the Annabelle doll to frighten up your friends. This costume is extremely easy to make, you just need a black dress or a black scarf to put on your head and the rest of the costume is just make-up.

So, good luck being a wonderful artist to recreate that specific look!

3. Michael Jackson

4 unique costumes for HalloweenI know, it sounds very funny and you might ask yourself what is happening here, but hear me out!

Not only there are a lot of conspiracy theories around the death of Michael Jackson, how about to buy some skin-coloured plasticine and make your face look like Michael Jackson’s and even better, make it look like it is awakened from the dead.

You just need a black wig, and scissors to make it look very messy, and some make-up to use and done!

You are ready to be the Michael Jackson’s look alike!

4. The Ring

4 unique costumes for HalloweenI think everyone knows The Ring movie, but to be honest I have never seen anyone dress up for Halloween as Samara.

It is a very simple costume for Halloween for those who don’t want to put too much effort into it or didn’t have time to come up with a better costume.

You only need a black wig, if you don’t have long black hair, some gel to put in in your hair to look dirty and wet, and the last piece, a white dirty dress and you are done!

I hope I helped you out with some good ideas and you will frighten up your friends at your local party! That being said:

Let the Halloween begin !


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