Recipes: 4 tips on easy and fast meals anyone can cook!

Are you hungry? You just do not know what to cook (or order)? Here are some of my go-to recipes and pieces of advice that can help you! I am not a nutritionist, but I am a professional eater!
There are some important things that you should keep in mind while you think about your dinner. Keep in mind! This is not an article that contains recipes, but only tips that might help you fulfill your cravings and meal plans!

Do you know your cravings?

First, listen to your belly. What dish are you craving? I know that there can be times when your appetite is low and you do not know what dish you fancy, but there are also moments when your body knows exactly what it needs.
It may help to look at people eating online. I know that this might also deepen your hungriness, but someone said that” Hungriness is the best cook!”
For example, I had a strong craving for curry rice, when I have never eaten that! Instead, looking after curry rice, I discovered that what I craved for was in fact stroganoff rice. The brain can be tricky, right?

Reliable sources

Second, you need a reliable source of information. Searching on the internet for” recipes that anyone can cook” can work, but there can also be some that just seem off. For example, I spend most of my social-media time searching on TikTok (please don’t judge me) or Instagram food recipes.
Do I find something that just awakens my appetite? Probably not.
In this direction, I enjoy following YouTubers that do cooking videos or media sources that I find reliable.
Recipes: 4 tips on easy and fast meals anyone can cook!
For sure, that you have little experience in the kitchen might be a throwback, but you should not trust any recipe seen online.
On this step, I have many things to say. My most reliable sources are YouTuber Kristen Mcatee. She has a diversity of topics but her cooking videos are very entertaining.
Also, she only promotes the products or firms she likes, so that leads to my second most reliable source: Hello fresh.
This is a company that delivers you a box of ingredients and recipes that you should follow. On Kristen’s channel, I saw a recipe that caught my attention, and then I discovered that we have free full access to their recipes.
Recipes: 4 tips on easy and fast meals anyone can cook!

Keep the ones you enjoyed!

Third, save or write your recipes every time! I can not remember how many times I cooked something and didn’t follow an exact recipe and I improvised and therefore, forgot how on Earth I cooked that meal!
I warned you that will not be an article that contains recipes and measurements.
Recipes: 4 tips on easy and fast meals anyone can cook!

Remember the recipes you enjoyed as I child

A source of inspiration, no matter in what culture you grew up in, is in the recipes you used to love growing up. Call your mother and ask her about her cooking plan, or simply connect with your childhood cravings!
No matter what your food inclinations are today. Whether you like Asian, Italian or Spanish food, you will never forget your emotional and cultural dishes!


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