Tiktok – 4 stunning reasons why it is an educational app


There is no chance you haven’t seen at least one TikTok, heard about it, or even done some TikTok when you live in the 21st century! And I’m not here to judge your entertainment preferences but to show you 4 amazing reasons why TikTok has become an educational app.

1. TikTok is not restrictive, therefore it is fun!

We all remember how unpleasant the stiff education was – the pretentious manners of speaking, the way one couldn’t entirely speak one’s mind, and the repetitive information, that was pretty much meaningless for a teen’s daily life. Sure, I’m not going to deny the importance of Einstein’s theories and Mendeleev’s periodic table, but young people need to receive information that’s actually useful in the immediate future! And no, that doesn’t mean they are shallow but extremely attuned to reality!

2. There is no taboo topic for TikTok

Unless you are lucky to have a very open-minded family, the chances you can discuss with your relatives and friends about sexuality and feminism and so on and so forth are pretty low! Therefore, teens and young people find it satisfying to educate each other and openly express their opinions about issues of great concern on TikTok nowadays!

3. TikTok is a manner to promote your abilities and qualities

Besides TikTok being a platform used for fun videos and comedic stuff, it is also one of those platforms that can help one actually become visible, gain influence – and, thanks to the loop system, fame can be pretty fast, unlike those who upload videos on YouTube! Therefore, people who have a special ability or those who simply wanna talk about issues of concern, find themselves understood and seen on TikTok.

4. Unconventional education through TikTok

People talk not only about political, social, and emotional issues but also about canonical educational aspects. For instance, there are a lot of accounts that review classical books or explain mathematical theorems, which I think to be very useful for young people who search for another explanation! Moreover, TikTok provides unusual explanations, sometimes using non-academical expressions – which I think to be a plus because it brings the information closer to the audience in terms of vocabulary and age.

I’m aware that TikTok is surrounded by a sort of stigma, but it is actually pretty interesting and helpful! I myself have discovered a lot of amazing facts about literature, sexuality, politics, and so on and so forth. TikTok is pretty much a mine of gold if you discover where to look for that information. I’m not saying it could entirely replace formal education, but I have a feeling it supports it very well, covering all the gaps of institutionalized education. More than that, the very casual air of this app is very appealing for millennials, who are very interested to develop themselves in different and unconventional ways.

How does this work? Well, TikTok provides a safe environment for any type of speech – as long as it is harmless -, therefore people simply talk about stuff that bothers them in videos that last for about 60 seconds and then wait for their community to interact with them in the commentary section.

I know I don’t have to explain this to you – but the fact that this platform has turned into a space that is open for debates and arguments is actually very educational! Nonetheless, don’t take for granted this app either – there are too many people who don’t want to have anything to do with such issues, therefore they prefer to only do fun videos or adopt an aggressive attitude towards the other users of this app.

What do you think about this? Do you use TikTok?


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