4 small things I do to maintain my good mood

small things to be happy

Sometimes small things make a huge difference in our lives, but we tend to overlook them and underestimate their power. Over the past months, I have made a few changes in my daily habits and my overall mood has improved significantly. I am more stressed-relieved, more focused on the good things and in a better state of mind. These small changes may help you feel better as well.

I make my bed every morning

4 small things I do to maintain my good mood

The look of a bed full of messy sheets, pillows thrown in every corner and quilts sagging to the floor has always given me the impression of untidiness and made me feel uncomfortable. However, I would always choose to skip making my bed, finding the excuse that I would waste 5 minutes of my precious morning time on that annoying thing.

Forcing myself to do this thing every single morning, has helped me boost my day up. Accomplishing this small task gives me a better start and makes me feel ready for the important challenges of the day. It is now a small yet important part of my daily routine which cheers up my mood everytime.

I keep my clothes organized

4 small things I do to maintain my good mood

I have never liked to keep my clothes outside the wardrobe, throw them on the bed or a chair until I gather huge piles of garments that will constantly stay in my way. Even so, I used to stuff them inside the wardrobe, randomly and unfolded.

I have just recently realized that a little bit of effort will spare me of much annoyance every time I need to get dressed. Instead of letting the piles of clothes inside my wardrobe get me on my nerves because I can never find what I need, I can fold them and keep them organized in categories, so I know exactly where to look for and save my time. Why getting irritated and stressing over such insignificant things, when you can just be a bit less messy?

I cook my own breakfast

4 small things I do to maintain my good mood

Another thing that I never did was cooking my breakfast. I am not a huge fan of and not really skilful at cooking, yet I prefer homemade food over processed food. Even so, I would never pay the effort of making my own breakfast, as I found it time-wasting and too exhausting for a morning task.

I have found that it takes in fact less to cook myself a quick breakfast than go to the supermarket every morning and wait in a huge queue to buy something to eat. Just like making my bed, it gives me a mental boost to know that I have accomplished this task by myself and helps me throughout the day. Not to mention the health benefits it brings!

I water my plants regularly

4 small things I do to maintain my good mood

I love plants, but because I was too lazy and not well-organized to take care of them, I just gave up on keeping plants in my room, because it made me feel sad and miserable to see them dying. Some months ago, somebody gifted me two cute baby plants in flowerpots, so I decided to take care of them properly. Now I have 20 of them.

Getting in the habit of looking after my plants makes me feel more responsible and be more organized, as I need kind of a schedule and determination to do that. Being surrounded by plants keeps me in a good mood and watering them regularly helps me be less tensed. Plus, it is a pleasant activity that gives me some time with myself, it is a perfect moment of reflection and meditation.

It doesn’t matter what it is, just try to find some small things like these that you haven’t paid attention to and start working at fixing them. It will worth it!


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