4 simple morning tips on how to get out of bed easier



I can’t claim that I am necessarily an early bird, but I don’t sleep in late either, especially during school weeks. There were some times when waking up early in the morning was a piece of cake, but nowadays I don’t find my motivation as easily. Maybe I’m getting old, who knows? However, I still need to be productive and get up on my feet every day. We all need to find those tips that motivate us to get out of bed easier in the morning. 


Sleep early 

I know it doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, but the more you sleep, the more refreshed you will feel in the morning. And the easier you’ll get up. There are a lot of benefits regarding going to bed early, as the body gets the best rest somewhere between 11 pm and 2 am. If you’re not tired when the bed hour comes, try reading a book in bed or drink a glass of milk or green tea. But the most important thing about falling asleep early is cutting up any technology and screens before bed and watch out at the time when you drank your last cup of coffee. 


Set an alarm clock

I personally can’t wake up without an alarm clock. And as annoying as that might be, it is also very beneficial. My sleep is very easily disturbed by sounds and that helps me wake up easier every morning. A good idea, when you know you can’t stand the sound of the alarm, is to put your phone or your clock away from your bed. In this way, that will force you to get up and smash it onto the floor. I’m kidding…unless. 


Create a morning routine

A solid morning routine sets up your mood for the entire day. Maybe a routine will make you excited about the day and the thought of it might make you get out of bed easier in the morning. Having a routine will help you be organized and stay focused and it gives you a sense of productivity. Take your time in the morning to look out for yourself, gather your thoughts and plan the entire day ahead. 


Get up as soon as you open your eyes

I know you feel like on cloud nine all covered up on a warm blanket in the middle of your bed, but you have to wake up. So as soon as you open your eyes, force yourself to stand up. Because the more you stay in bed, the more you’d want to stay there. And that is a dangerous game, my friend, because there is a great chance you’ll fall back asleep. Get up and go straight to the bathroom or to the kitchen to make your morning beverage and put some distance between you and your bed. 


What are the benefits of waking up early?

Waking up early brings a lot of physical, mental and emotional benefits that we might not always be aware of. Besides having enough time to achieve your daily goals, you will also have time to do what you like, such as exercise or going for a walk. Things you wouldn’t be able to do if you wake up at 11 am for example. As drinking a lot of water and eating healthy, a good night’s sleep will make your skin look healthier and your whole state of mind will become a positive one. You can add a much better capacity of concentration to this list. 



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