4 signs you are bored out of your mind

4 signs you are bored out of your mind
Yes, I know the saying If you are bored, then it is because most likely YOU are boring, and maybe it is so in some cases, but I definitely do not believe this is the ultimate truth.
There may be many reasons why boredom hits you full in the face and inexplicably sometimes, however, I will not tackle them now – maybe I’ll try to some other time if I am not too bored.
It has been a weird year for us all, to say the least. I do not want to dwell on this subject longer than it is necessary, but the point is as follows.
There may be some of us who checked achievements on their agenda as though they were freaking shopping lists – and no, I am not talking about video game achievements, but those are also quite fulfilling.
And then there are those of us who are so bored they could not even gather the willpower to raise a finger to pick their nose.
So here comes a quick list that is loosely based on my own personal experience.

Using your pet as your personal shrink

Do you want someone who listens to you every time without even blinking, and sometimes even looks as though he or she genuinely wants to help you through the problems you are facing?
Your pet is the answer. Believe me, there are so many things you can share with them, and they will not even hold them against you – probably because they remember nothing, but oh well…
Just make sure you don’t get an asshole cat like mine. After she sits down, paws tucked underneath, she looks at me as though saying Come on you have my full attention now.
So, I begin my lamentation. She then yawns, gets up, and goes to the other room – Human, you bore me.

Going around the house, talking or singing to yourself, and even narrating what you are doing

Let’s make some coffee, shall we? And nooooow, we are eating this big totally “healthy” sandwich. We should go to the store later. Damn it, I have to vacuum, but not right now alright. I really need to call some people, don’t I? I am doing it again.
I used to laugh at my grandma when she was constantly walking through every room bumbling and grumbling at all sorts of things. Now I see that when you are alone, or you think you are alone if you feel you are about to lose it, talking to yourself is actually very helpful. You may even end up giving yourself some good advice. And completely ignore it afterward.

Looking out the windows and counting stuff

Or simply counting useless stuff, but I just added the windows part because we mostly stay inside nowadays, and we need at least a resemblance of interaction with the outside world.
 How many yellow cars can you spot in the parking lot? How many people can we see walking down the street with their eyes on their phones? How many spots are on the windows? How many years has it been since I last cleaned them?
Oh my, I need to find myself a hobby soon.

Suddenly discovering groundbreaking stuff

Have my eyes always been so black? Is my ceiling slightly irregular in that corner? Is that why my shoe boxes do not fit in the wardrobe?
Is this from when I tripped and spilled coffee on the bed? Is life so hard because we are always trying to keep our balance on a freaking giant sphere that constantly moves around the universe?
I guess I do not have a good way of ending this, it is just what it is.
The funny pair of you and yourself doesn’t bring out only the enthusiastic you, one full of ideas and energy, but it also breeds a weirdly annoying person that you never acknowledged and one you were not that anxious to meet actually.
Disclaimer: No felines were hurt in the process – despite what the menacing looks she is throwing at me right now might tell you.


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