Call me by your name : 4 stunning reasons why you should watch it

call me by your name

If you are into movies and art in general, there are few chances that you haven’t watched Call me by your name. But if you really haven’t heard of it or if you have never seen it, I am here to talk you up to give it a chance!


I know we’ve all grown tired of the typical love stories in movies, that have a perfect ending and an ideal timing – that’s why Call me by your name is worth seeing! It tells the story of Elio, whose parents own a mansion somewhere in the north of Italy. Oliver joins the family as the assistant of Elio’s father, who is a university teacher.

Initially, Elio and Oliver don’t interact too much, but, gradually, they become more comfortable with each other and end up falling in love.

More than that, the love story itself is really different and tumultuous, depicting a teenager keen to explore his sexuality and a young man who wonders whether his feelings for Elio are unethical.


I know we all watch romantic comedies or romance movies from once in a while – there’s no shame in that – but I also know that these movies tend to be shallow and repetitive sometimes. Well, that’s not a problem when it comes to Call me by your name!

The movie was shot in Italy and it displays gorgeous views, has an amazing soundtrack and it allows the onlooker to understand what’s going on by himself. What do I mean? Well, not everything is explicit – which, in my opinion, makes this movie even better! Naturally, when we watch a movie, we want it to make us understand ourselves better, to offer us the chance to meditate about life’s most intricate aspects. This movie is an amazing opportunity to wonder about love, loneliness, purpose, morality – and more than that, to expand one’s perspective upon these.


Hmm, you’re probably wondering how’s a literary movie?

Well, initially Call me by your name was a book – and we all know how great are movies inspired from books, right? It is a huge advantage of this movie – the script is so well-written, that more than once you might find yourself thinking that you’re actually reading a book instead of watching a movie!

More than that, there are a lot of musical and literary references – Elio is a pretty introverted teenager, so he spends most of his time reading and listening to music, rewriting famous songs and then playing them on the piano.

In fact, this is one of the things that connect the two main characters from the beginning – both Elio and Oliver are really intelligent men, highly educated and interested in all sort of topics.


Perhaps because it takes place in 1993 offers the movie a very vintage vibe, with all that good music, with all those amazing books and historical facts – but also with the inevitable atmosphere of Italy, with its dusty ancient walls and paved little streets. However, even though you’re not the type that usually enjoys love stories, you might be surprised – the movie is so artistic and so aesthetical that it can impress even the most sceptical onlooker.

I confess I myself have never read the book – but I just wrote it down on my To be read list for the following summer. However, I’ve seen this movie for 3 or 4 times and each time I find myself amazed: every time I watch it I discover something different about it.

But please – don’t take my word for granted! Turn on your laptop or your TV and simply give it a shot – and then come back to this article and let me know in the commentary section whether you’ve liked it or not!


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