Rome – 4 great reasons why you should definitely visit

Rome - 4 great reasons why you should definitely visit
Since I am not a random and spontaneous traveler, I have recently done some research about the stuff I should visit when I get to Rome and besides the well-known attractions, such as the Vatican and the Colosseum, I’ve discovered some pretty fascinating stuff about Rome, which I am about to share with you. Therefore, this article basically offers you a few reasons why you should visit Rome if you get the chance.

Rome is the center of the world

I know, it sounds rather bombastic – and no, I don’t exaggerate – but for centuries, Rome has been the literal center of the world, both in terms of power, but also in terms of culture. That is the reason why Rome is home to so many worldwide artifacts because the Romans wanted to make sure that everyone in the world knew that they were the most powerful of all peoples. That’s why they gathered obelisks from every conquered area, to prove that Rome was invincible.

All roads lead to Rome

It’s impossible to be born in a country in Europe and not notice the historical influences Latin had over each language and civilization. Thus, even though you were born for instance in England, you definitely know that Rome colonized the Southern region during Hadrian’s reign. That’s why there still are regions all over Europe spelled in Latin – I guess you’re not surprised, since the Roman Empire was huge, containing territories from Europe, Africa and Asia.

The Pope and his very own reign

After the Roman Empire collapsed, Rome was still one of the most important cities in the world – the Pope’s residence, the place where the kings’ and queens’ marriages and reigns was discussed and approved. No wonder it was so important for the kings and queens to speak Latin and to be able to mesmerize the Pope with their loyalty towards the church.
Even though the Vatican has the size of a village, it was one of the most important villages in the world, ruling indirectly the entire Europe.


If there is any civilization in the world that teaches the lesson of the rebirth, I bet the Italian people are nominees for one of the best – and even though Rome itself was not the very own core of the Renaissance, it was also highly influenced by it.

Why was the Renaissance very important for the city of Rome?

Well, the Renaissance basically reinvented values and principles specific for the Antiquity – which was the climax of the Roman evolution. This proved to be very useful for them and it offered Rome itself the opportunity to better preserve its architecture – which is why we get to see the magnificent antique buildings almost harmless.

More than that, it inspired the Italians pretty early in their evolution to think highly of their own history, to preserve and employ all the ancient vestiges in their quest for fame – you know, I like to think about the Italians as one of the most Boheme civilization, really concerned about fashion, knowledge and aesthetics.

I believe Rome itself is another world – it is stuck in the 5th century, right before the Empire collapsed, and its purpose is to teach us about the greatness of the past!I don’t know if I convinced you to visit Rome – my intention was not to offer you the exact attractions you can read in any travel guide, but to introduce you to the historical context pictured like a tale, in order to better comprehend the importance of Rome in the world and how irreplaceable the home of all great emperors is!


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