Sunscreen: 4 reasons why wearing it is healthy


Sunscreen plays a much more important role than you think and should not be missing from anyone’s routine. We have all heard, read or been warned about how dangerous sunlight can be. But how many of us apply sunscreen absolutely daily? Applying sunscreen daily may seem like an unnecessary step to add to your skincare regimen, especially if you are just going from the car to your office and back again, but it is crucial to maintaining the health of your skin.

It is good to know that sunscreen should not be done only during the summer. The rest of the sun’s rays are also dangerous, especially in winter, when it is snowing. Which is why it is recommended to use regular face and hand cream with sunscreen. Here’s why you should always wear sunscreen:Sunscreen: 4 reasons why wearing it is healthy

1.Prevention of premature aging

Daily application of sunscreen or a skin care product with SPF should not be underestimated! Excessive sun exposure is one of the main causes of premature skin aging. We refer to fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, everything you can imagine!

Do you give up applying a SPF product in the morning because you don’t want to add another product to your care routine? Understandable! But now there are so many beauty products that contain SPF, in a wide range of formulas, that such a product should not be an inconvenience, but rather a benefit!

Sunscreen: 4 reasons why wearing it is healthy

2.Reducing the risk of skin cancer

Dermatologists recommend using sunscreen every time we expose ourselves to the sun for more than 20 minutes, even in winter. When we spend time outdoors (or sit on a sun lounger), we increase our exposure to UV (ultraviolet) sunlight. This does not only happen on clear and hot days. UV rays are not blocked by clouds, they continue to pass through them and reach our skin.

There are two types of UV rays to beware of: UVA and UVB. Both can be harmful to our health and skin. Excessive exposure to UV rays can affect the DNA of cells. If DNA damage reaches a critical threshold, it can cause uncontrolled cell proliferation, which can lead to skin cancer.

To avoid this, the use of sunscreen is very important. Applied to the skin, the sunscreen blocks the absorption of UV rays into the skin, thus providing essential protection against long-term damage. Using a “broad spectrum” sunscreen should protect you from both UVA and UVB rays.

3.Prevents the appearance of freckles

Another major importance in the use of sunscreen is that it prevents the appearance of freckles, so obvious during the summer. People with light skin may even notice the appearance of brown spots on the face, also a consequence of unprotected exposure to the sun. Creams with a high SPF act against the propagation of UV rays and the accentuation of natural pigments, unevenly.Sunscreen: 4 reasons why wearing it is healthy

4.Prevention of painful sunburn

Sunburn is not pleasant at all. Represents the body’s short-term response to what could be a long-term problem. Red, peeling skin is extremely unpleasant for anyone, and repeated burns over time can lead to serious skin problems. Don’t let them surprise you. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on all areas of the body that will be exposed to the sun at least 30 minutes before leaving the house. If you are going to spend a long time outdoors, don’t forget to reapply the cream every 2 hours.

If you still burn, applying a larger amount of SPF cream will not help, as the damage has already occurred.

The skin is the largest organ in our body, it has the function of mechanical protection, photoprotection, thermal protection and anti-infective. So let’s take care of her! Give yourself a few extra minutes each morning and apply a product with SPF. It can help protect your health and your skin.Sunscreen: 4 reasons why wearing it is healthy


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