4 of my favorite podcasts that I find awesome

4 of my favorite Romanian and foreign podcasts
Podcasts have really changed the world. In the last few years, more and more influencers are making podcasts. People like listening to them, because usually, they emphasize another side of the people making them; made in a calm voice and a little bit more human (and professional).
The podcast is the upgraded version of the radio we used to listen to. The difference is that we are not listening to the news, but people who share their piece of knowledge or personal experiences. Podcasts are usually streamed on platforms like Spotify, but more and more and also recorded video on YouTube for example.

1. Zest podcast: about writers who inspire people

Zest is a Romanian podcast. It’s made by Sabina Varga (she has an amazingly soothing voice) and it’s usually about writers or inspiring people. I remember the first time I listened to an episode with Liviu Iancu who wrote “Xanax”. The episode was so good that I bought the book afterward, and I listen frequently to the podcast to discover new writers. You can find it here or on Spotify, Stitcher, Pocketcasts, and iTunes.

2. The Hilarious World of Depression podcast: about life

This podcast might not be appropriate for everyone. But for me, who likes comedy and making fun of my problems, was *chef’s kiss*. This one is a series of comedians who have been through some hard times and are willing to share their story in a fun way. The podcast is “committed to breaking the stigma around mental health”, which is such an important thing to do. You can find it on Google Podcasts or Apple Podcasts.

3. SimplyPodLogical podcast: normal people, role models

One of my favorite YouTubers, SimplyNailogical, started making this podcast with her boyfriend, Ben, and her cats, Zyler and Menchie. They usually talk about their jobs, their life, or commenting on subjects that they find important. Although I’m sometimes watching mostly to see their cats, they have really interesting topics to discuss, and they are my role models. You can watch the podcast on YouTube or Spotify.

4. Trash Taste podcast: about anime

This one is for my anime homies right there. Joey (TheAnimeMan), Garnt (Gigguk), and Connor (CDawgVA), also the people I follow when I want anime content, are debating animes, their favorites, and new things in the anime world. It’s a really good podcast when you want to have a laugh or two also, and the boys are doing a great job is discussing *yaoi*. You can find it on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes.
Also, sometimes I listen to The Joe Rogan Experience (YouTube, Spotify), MCN Podcast (Romanian), Recorder (Romanian), and DoR (Romanian).
What’s your favorite podcast?


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