4 Ideas to stop fast-fashion


When was the last time you repeated an outfit from your wardrobe and didn’t let yourself be overwhelmed by the shopping fever, especially fast-fashion ?

Nowadays, when we have as much access to the internet and all possible information on absolutely any subject, we should minimize as much as possible the purchase of fast fashion products from any existing site.

The things that happen behind those sites should not be experienced by anyone.

Children are put to work from an early age and treated like animals, working without breaks and over the legal working hours every day, with a salary too low to lead a normal life.

The best example, in this case, is the Shein site which is known by absolutely everyone and has become very widespread in the last two years. Recently, the world began to notice, that after thousands of orders were placed, on the clothing labels messages of help were written by the people employed there.

How can we help them? Simple. We no longer order from these sites so that we can no longer abuse the rights of people in the warehouse.

In 2022 we have thousands of options to replace fast fashion. So, there are 4 ideas to stop/replace fast-fashion.


1. Invest the money in quality clothes

One of the things that I recommend and that I was brought up with is to put more emphasis on the quality of clothes.

Everyone wants to have as many clothes as possible in the wardrobe and if possible this with very little money. But as in any other situation, this desire comes with advantages and disadvantages.

That’s why I propose that we develop as people and realize that the fewer things we have, the richer we are.

We can always choose to invest money in quality clothes (brands) and give up fast-fashion.

2. Choose second-hand clothes

Even if it can be considered a taboo subject, we should realize that it is a very good business to buy second-hand clothes.

Even cheaper than fast-fashion clothes, second-hand offers you a wide range of products at an extremely low price and unique pieces of clothing. That way you are sure that you will not have the same blouse as a friend’s.

Even if people become reluctant about second-hand clothes because they are already worn clothes, you can always wash/disinfect them if you are sensitive to this, and thus, clothes become like new!

Give it a chance, you won’t regret it!

3. Get creative!

How long have you not worn that T-shirt that is sitting forgotten in the closet?

This is the moment to put your creativity to work, to be an exclusive designer yourself and forget about fast-fashion.

Each of us has so many clothes that we haven’t worn for years or months and yet, we don’t do anything with them. Why don’t we try to reproduce certain models of clothes from what we have? Not only will they be unique, but we will have another satisfaction as they are made by us and nobody has anything to lose.

Maybe you’ll surprise yourself and you’ll start coming up with new model ideas and thus, not only will you not spend extra money, but you’ll also increase your wardrobe with the things you already have.

4. Shop from local brands

Another very productive way to stop fast-fashion is to support local producers and buy unique pieces from them.

Some so many artists who deserve to be appreciated, who have non-conformist/unique ideas, who do not enjoy as much success as they should because the world is directed towards fast-fashion and clothing sites that have taken off.

On Instagram you can always find a local manufacturer and take a look at their page, not only do they have convenient prices but you will be surprised how much talent and how much work is behind that garment.

At the end of the day, it’s wonderful to support each other!


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