4 handmade decorations for a wonderful Easter party

4 handmade decorations for a wonderful Easter party

I love holidays, who doesn’t? You can get in touch with your family and friends and create fantastic memories. And I love the fact that, in addition to Christmas, I have the opportunity to celebrate this spring holiday, called Easter.

I always liked to make different things to decorate the house, especially when there is a holiday nearby. And you can do it as well! Hand-made decorations are cheaper and look amazing, you can even impress people with your creativity!

But if you don’t have any idea what decorations you can make, I’m here to help!

Therefore, here are 4 easy and nice ideas to realize some amazing hand-made decorations for a wonderful and entertaining Easter party!

1. Garlands

That sounds too ordinary, but garlands look pretty good if you know how to make them. And you can use it for any kind of holiday.

For an Easter Party, you can make colourful garlands like this.

4 handmade decorations for a wonderful Easter party4 handmade decorations for a wonderful Easter party





4 handmade decorations for a wonderful Easter party





Show your creativity, from simple designs, like weaving some coloured crêpe paper, to some more complex ones, using glitter, crayons, coloured paper (to make shapes like bunnies and Easter eggs), and so on and so forth. You just need a little bit of imagination.

2. Origami

Origami is a great way to do some little ornaments to decorate the table where you also put some delicious and traditional dishes.

4 handmade decorations for a wonderful Easter party

You wonder, what you can do? Well, the options are limitless. You can create some little bunnies, chicks or any animal (after all, it’s spring, so all the animals can enjoy the nice weather, as well as us, humans). Personally, I like to make little foxes and butterflies, but as I said, you can do whatever you like and whatever it’s easier for you.

Of course, you don’t need to do only animals, if you prefer, there are different types of videos from where you can learn how to make flowers or baskets to put the eggs and, why not, your origami Easter eggs! All you need is time, patience and imagination.

3. Wreaths

4 handmade decorations for a wonderful Easter party

Maybe you know those Christmas wreaths, but have you heard of an Easter one? And why you shouldn’t try it? It looks pretty and you can decorate almost anything with wreaths, not only doors.

Using your imagination, you can create some beautiful wreaths: use little plastic eggs or the ones made with papier-mâché, decorate them with some flowers or even better, make a bunny wreath using some white Christmas garlands (it’s also a way of recycling your old Christmas decorations).

You can keep them simple, or you can add details if you are more creative and you want to show off your artistic skills.

4. Candles

Candles are something interesting to make, even in a creative way. They smell nice and can be great as decorations, for any occasion.

Making candles can be an easy process, and also good for your wallet. If you have some old candles, you can melt the pieces together in a shape that is specific for Easter, like an Easter egg or a bunny. Moreover, you can add your own favourite scent!

4 handmade decorations for a wonderful Easter party

Another idea that I found interesting while watching various videos online is to make candles from wax crayons. I think this idea is more interesting because crayons are really pigmented and if you melt them in a candle shape, you can have some colourful nice candles.

This is also a great activity to do it together with your family. You just need some wax and a great atmosphere. You will have a lot of fun!

4 handmade decorations for a wonderful Easter party

These are just a few ideas to decorate your house for Easter, but with a little bit of imagination, you can have a variation of decorations and ornaments, for a nice and unforgettable Easter party!


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