Reading Shakespeare : 4 great reasons why everyone should


You’ve probably heard at least once in your life references to Shakespeare and you’ve probably thought why is this dude so amazing and his plays worth reading? Well, I’m going to give you a few amazing reasons why you should definitely read his plays?

Shakespeare innovated English

Besides being one of the greatest playwrights of all times, Shakespeare also transformed English in an accessible language for everyone – because back then, English was a language that had no proper written translation. Shakespeare even introduced a few words we use nowadays!

His plays are relatable

Marjorie Garber stated that “There is timelessness in Shakespeare’s plays”, suggesting that, even though Shakespeare lived and wrote in the 16-17th centuries, his work is still very modern and actual nowadays. The characters in Shakespeare’s plays undergo psychological crisis, they need to evolve, to raise above any obstacles – therefore the millennials can easily relate to the ladies and gentlemen, even though they lived centuries ago!

Shakespeare was a fan of spiciness

If you believe that the fact that Shakespeare wrote 4 hundreds years ago made him totally shy and prude – well, allow me to disagree! For instance, in A midsummer night’s dream, Theseus tells Hippolyta that he has conquered her with the sword – which is, of course, a mythological reference to the fact that Hippolyta was the queen of the amazons, but also a metaphorical reference to the fact that Theseus married her and hence literally conquered her as a woman.

So believe me, Shakespeare wrote for common people, therefore his humour is highly accessible and relatable!

The plays are political and historical

If you are interested in the political and historical contextual hints, there are plenty in Shakespeare’s plays! He was a man attuned to his times, therefore his plays include a ton of references to Queen Elizabeth I, the shallow attitude of rich people, the level of illiteracy of the people back then and so on and so forth. Plus, searching for further potential interpretations is really fun and provocative!

My friends know I am a huge fan of Shakespeare, so I really recommend you reading his plays – if you are not into romance and cheesiness, Shakespeare also wrote Titus Andronicus, which is literally a horror play with historical characters, so we can say Shakespeare can satisfy all tastes.

To conclude with, have you read Shakespeare? Do you have a favourite play?


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