4 exciting LGBTQ TV shows to check out

lgbt shows

These are four of my favorite LGBTQ TV shows that I think anyone would enjoy because they are really entertaining and just a good watch on a Saturday night.

  1. Orange Is the New Black

If you haven’t watched this LGBTQ TV show already, I don’t really know what to tell you about this show that’s going to make you want to watch it more than all of the many things that people have already probably told you. But I love this show. It’s got a very female-heavy cast, it has a lot of queer characters, including a trans character. I just adore it. It is on Netflix

  1. The Fosters

Another LGBTQ TV show that I adore is The Fosters. It is a show with quite a large number of queer characters, including a trans character played by a trans actor, which is always nice. The plot essentially centers around a mixed-race lesbian couple who have biological, adopted, and fostered children. And it’s just a nice interesting family drama. It doesn’t make all the drama about these particular identities that they have but it also doesn’t ignore them, either.

  1. Camilla

This technically is not a TV show, it is a web series. It’s based on a literary work, it’s set in a university, and it has non-binary characters and a ton of queer women. If you enjoy modern gothic stuff, I think that this show would probably be your thing.

  1. Sense8

This show is a total sci-fi bonkers fun. It’s these 8 people across the globe who get connected telepathically after this incident and it is very interesting. The characters include a trans woman blogger from San Francisco, and a closeted gay actor from Mexico as well. The whole thing is just very intriguing.


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