4 easy ways to make people like you


In order to make people like you, it is important to have a positive attitude that is appreciated in a group of friends or colleagues. People are immediately attracted  by other people who smile, have a good vibe and show interest in their interlocutor. Although not everyone you meet will like you, these 4 steps will help you socialize more easily, make more friends and possibly, change your life.


Be interested in other people

make people like you

An important quality of an individual is his sincere interest in his community. Showing real interest in your interlocutor will be more effective than drawing attention to yourself.  You can help him with a personal issue or you can offer some valuable advice, and you shall gain his time and attention. You can make people like you and become interested in you only if you are also concerned about them.



make people like you

Smiling has a powerful effect on people, as it suggests that you are happy to see them. People who are smiling and have a good vibe automatically attract more people in their life, because they are considered to be more perceptive, and their vibe can be influential.

Smiling can really improve your life and your relationships. In a new group, you can approach the people with a smile and a greeting like “Hi, how are you today?” and they will immediately react. First, you might have to force a smile and a positive attitude, but with practice, it will become natural. But remember that real happiness is found within us, and it depends on our way of looking at life. The way you think about your life is the way it is manifesting.


Remember people’s names

make people like you

The name of an individual is the most important aspect about him, this is what makes him unique in the world. Even if it is the name of a president or of a simple worker, anyone feels much valued when people address to them by their names. For this reason, you can repeat a person’s name in a conversation until you learn it, and you can associate the name with his face or voice, and continue to use it on every occasion. One great way to make people like you is to become more familiar with them.


Focus on your interlocutor’s interests

make people like you

Another efficient way to make people like you is by talking about subjects that matter to them. If you can have a conversation about your interlocutor’s interests, than both sides are in advantage. After you find about someone’s interests or passions, access your knowledge on the specific domain and tell them what you know. People love to have someone to chatter about the same interests and  hobbies.


Some simple ways to make people like you are the following: smile, remember their name, be interested in them and focus on their passions. Of course you cannot be liked by everybody for reasons that you can’t change,  but what you can change is your own attitude in society.


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