4 drinks popular in Russia (besides Vodka)


When it comes to drinks, I ask myself this question frequently: what do Russians prefer besides the vodka and of course, water. Even water seems like a rare drink when it comes to Russia. So, today, I came here to light up your minds as I did with mine: 4 drinks popular in Russia apart from the vodka that Russians drink on a daily basis and enjoy it.

  • Kompot

4 drinks popular in Russia (besides Vodka)

Many countries have this soft drink named kompot, because it is a culture consumed in the Central Eastern, Southern Europe, and the Middle East part of the globe, and very common in Russia. This drink is more appreciated by the kids because it is a sweet drink and if you want to view this drink as a tradition and as a family picture, it would look something like this: the kid waiting patiently at the table, while his grandmother is making a sweet kompot from different fruits, to have her nephew something sweet to drink, because his parents wouldn’t let him drink soda.

The kompot is made from different fruits by choices, like apples, oranges, plums, grapes, and so many more.

  • Tea

4 drinks popular in Russia (besides Vodka)

Besides vodka, tea is probably the most popular drink in Russia due to the cold weather they have. This drink is considered a national drink in Russia because they tend to drink it everywhere they go and anytime they have the opportunity to taste it. Some of them drink tea even after something sweet. We can say that tea is much more drinkable and consumed in Russia than water itself.

They drink all types of tea like black tea, green tea, herbal tea, and many others.

  • Kvass

4 drinks popular in Russia (besides Vodka)

This drink is actually an ancient – national drink in Russia, probably one of the most tried drinks by foreigners. Kvass is actually an alcoholic beverage, made from rye or rye bread. If you ask me, I think this drink may taste like beer.

I can’t tell you more secrets about this one, because I leave it to you to experience the magic produced by this drink.

  • Ryazhenka

4 drinks popular in Russia (besides Vodka)

And the last drink is Ryazhenka; a drink with a strange name but probably consumed in lots of countries. This drink is actually a yogurt made from cow’s milk and Russians drink it to feel healthier than ever because this drink is known because its benefits in fighting against bacteria.

Of course, Russians love to spice up their lives a little more and sometimes they add to this drink a little bit of vodka. By the end of the day, it is your choice how you want to drink this particular drink.

In Russia, it is no such thing as: “ there is too much vodka “ or “ you put too much vodka in this one “!

That being said, I hope that one day you will get to taste these wonderful drinks!


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